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I was scrolling through my FYP when a TikTok started with, “I’m so serious, once you use this, if you have straight eyelashes, you will never go back.” I got hooked in immediately because as someone with stubborn lashes that will do everything but hold a curl, I needed to see the results. And I wasn’t the only person who was eager to watch @alyssaannaaa’s lash transformation. Her video has amassed over 6.6 million views in just one week, so obviously, I had to do some digging. 

The magical mascara in question is Covergirl’s Lash Blast Volume Mascara (the waterproof formula). The bright orange tube likely looks familiar to you. It’s not new to the scene, but thanks to TikTok reviews like Alyssa’s, people are pushing it back into the spotlight—and for good reason.


ive tried 50 different mascaras and this is the best one ive ever used for my straight eyelashes. If i try a new one I ALWAYS come back to her. I recommend the elf melting balm to get it off bc its cheap & works perfectly. The mascara is: covergirl lash blast volume waterproof

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On top of this volumizing mascara being great for those with super straight eyelashes, Alyssa also notes that “It’s not clumpy, it doesn’t flake, it’s perfect, it stays on for days,” adding, ““I’m just glad I found a mascara that holds a curl, and not just for one day, for like three.”

Ummm… did she just say it holds a curl for three days?! The answer is yes, and that’s probably because the Lash Blast Volume Mascara immediately offers ten times more volume, per the brand. Full, long, curled lashes with absolutely no clumping or flaking? It might sound like an impossible feat, but just look at Alyssa’s lashes in her TikTok. That should be proof enough that this mascara really does deserve a spot in your makeup routine. 

This volume-enhancing mascara is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. Even more: It’s water and smudge-resistant, too. This Covergirl mascara clearly checks off all the boxes. Go and grab it on sale at Amazon for under $10. And if you want to save even more and receive it on a regular basis, select Amazon’s Subscribe & Save choice on the product page. 

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Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara Amazon

Photo: Covergirl.

Covergirl’s Lash Blast Volume Mascara comes in four different shades, and while the Very Black version is currently out of stock on Amazon, the Black Brown one isn’t. In fact, this color might even give you a more natural, subtle look. 

This five-star shopper has got it down pat: “So many mascaras get clumpy so fast, but not this one! I must use waterproof as ALL normal mascaras take ALL the curl out of my lashes even after using a lash curler (which I’ve used for over 40 years). I use the brown-black when at home and black when I wear more makeup going out. Stays good a long time!”

If you’re wondering how this mascara stands up to water and smudging, this reviewer says, “I’ve been getting this stuff for years and I still love it. I get the brown so it looks more natural. I get compliments all the time on my eyelashes.” They added, “It doesn’t [smudge] when I rub my eyes and I have went swimming with it on with little to no problems. If I would swim for hours I do get some fall out especially when rubbing the water out of my face but no mascara running down my face.”

“OMG what a wonderful product. The wand is awesome (if not a little big), the formula is smooth, you don’t have to use a ton, the waterproof-ness is great, and I NEVER get smudgy under my eyes,” raved another happy shopper. “It’s easy to remove and it makes my lashes look fantastic. It’s great for everyday use, and the white primer adds even more oomph.”

To get the most beautiful lashes with this mascara, curl your eyelashes beforehand and then swipe on one coat to your upper lashes. Get a little more product on the wand and then apply it to the outer edges of your lash line. This will help fan out your lashes and add more drama. Keep applying additional coats, as needed.

Now that you know that the perfect mascara for straight lashes does exist, drop an orange tube into your Amazon cart for a discounted price tag of $9.
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