Free-thinking Aquarians like you know how to step back and look at the big picture—and mind-expanding adventure most certainly awaits you as you embrace the upcoming change in seasons! But your Aquarius horoscope for September 2023 also asks you to turn your inquisitive mind inward to examine the dark corners of your psyche. Let’s get deep!

As you enter the month, Virgo season and Mercury retrograde are collectively hitting your complicated eighth house, which could plunge you into a deep self-reflection and bring some past resentments or unpaid debts bubbling up to the surface. It’s definitely time to untangle the knots that have gotten wound up in your heart over time, especially when it comes to avoiding your shadow self. This will be even easier once love planet Venus ends its retrograde on September 3, as it’ll bring some momentum and clarity to your seventh house of partnerships.

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It’s never easy sifting through energetic baggage, but you can look forward to some meaningful breakthroughs mid-month. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 is a beautiful time to hone in on your intuition and implement some stronger energetic boundaries. This lunation is affirming a lucky trine to your modern ruler Uranus, so some unexpected desires or changes of heart could emerge now, too. The following day, Mercury retrograde ends, so you’ll have more clarity about what you want and upholding your freshly-set boundaries will come more easily, too.

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The perk of facing your deepest feels is that you’ll come out the other side feeling so much lighter, freer, and more open-minded. So once the sun enters fellow air sign Libra on September 23, you’ll be ready to spring into inspired action. The sparkly sun and go-getter Mars are gracing your ninth house of adventure together throughout the latter third of the month, bringing you loads of motivation to chase higher-minded goals and embrace spiritual and intellectual growth. You’re too smart to stay stuck in old ways of thinking for too long, Aquarius, and the fresh autumn breeze is blowing in exciting new perspectives and opportunities to expand your horizons.

The month wraps up on a social note, as an exciting full moon in Aries reboots your communication sector and brings forth stimulating conversations and meaningful connections. Get out and have some fun with friends to celebrate the first full moon of fall.