They’re with him everywhere he goes. Dierks Bentley’s kids are his light and joy. The veteran country singer talks about his kids at every chance he gets.

On his latest album Gravel & Gold, he talked to E! News about how his kids inspired his songs. “The song ‘Something Real’ is in a lot of ways where I am in my life right now where we got three kids,” he explained. “I travel a lot with my son for travel hockey, as does my wife. My other girls are doing a lot of theater and musicals and just growing up and becoming more independent. You’re kind of just hanging on for real life.”

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Dierks Bentley Kids, How Many Children Does He Have With Sarah Black? 

He’s also appreciating the domestic life with his wife Cassidy Black, who he’s been married to since 2005″I think we both recognize where we are in this part of our life and it’s very real, but we appreciate that,” he continued. “It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of laundry, a lot of dishes, a lot of picking up dog poop, but it’s real life and I thrive on that a lot.”

“As a parent, getting a chance to raise those kids so they can see that they can experience that and feel that is special,” he noted. “That year off was really special in that way. And it’s a feeling I try to carry with me and something I try to bring in my life here in Tennessee as much as possible.”

The fourteen-time Grammy nominated artist also adds that having kids keeps him in a pretty humble position in life. “I’m in my late 40s and I’m doing a lot of travel hockey with Knox and kids is a great equalizer,” he said. “I’ll be in the Embassy Suites buffet line next to some guy who’s a doctor or this guy does construction and we’ve all had a chance to go out there and chase a dream and now we’re all just doing the same stuff as parents.”

In an Instagram video, Dierk quizzed his kids on his musical career and they struggled to name some of his songs. “Hopefully you guys know more about my career than my kids too, this is kind of pathetic,” he said towards the camera. “It’s a good thing my kids aren’t in charge of promoting my music ha!”

So who are Dierk Bentley’s kids? Read down below to meet them.

Evalyn Bentley (born 2009)

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Evalyn (Evie) Bentley is Dierk Bentley and Sarah Black’s first child. She’s a gifted singer just like her father and has performed with him on multiple locations in 2022. They even performed a cover of Pink’s “All I Know So Far” which he quipped to her, “You couldn’t have picked a country song?”

 Other songs she has performed with her father include Bentley’s “Different for Girls” and “Thinking of You”, plus ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Lovin’”.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Dierks gushed about his daughter’s singing abilities. “Evie has a great natural voice and she loves theater.” He also thinks it’s “important for kids to be kids” so they’re not pushing anything. “I want her to just explore it on her own terms.”

“But it really is a gift to get a chance to play music together on stage,” he continued. “It’s just so fun to look over there and see your daughter sing. It’s ridiculous. We’ll see if it goes somewhere, but she definitely has a much better voice than I do, that’s for sure.

Jordan (born 2011)

Jordan Bentley is Dierks Bentley and Sarah Black’s second child and daughter. She’s inspired a lot of his songs including “I Get Too.” “I was dropping her off at school one day, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I gotta go write songs after I drop you off.’ She’s like, ‘You mean you get to write songs today.’” He said at a press event, “And the song I wrote that day was called “I Get To. She’s, like, eight. She’s so smart.”

Dierks also showed his dad power when he posted a TikTok of him bra shopping with his youngest daughter. “What are these?” “Uh, I believe that’s a bra,” he says uncomfortably. “Obviously, duh,” Jordan replies. After awkward encounters, Dierk’s finally says, “Call you mom.”

Knox Bentley (born 2014)

Knox Bentley is Dierks Bentley and Sarah Black’s third child and only son. Knox has been seen in a lot of his dad’s content like during his “Living” music video. “It’s basically just me and Knox, just a day in the life,” Bentley explains of the video. “The two of us, just doing what we’re doing when we’re off the road, which is a lot. We pack a lot into one every day.”

Knox is also a huge NHL fan and had the honor to host the 2023 NHL awards with his father. “He’s so excited. Like a lot of 9-year-old kids, he’s a huge Connor McDavid fan. You walk into his room and 97 is everywhere. He’s also a big Leon Draisaitl fan. He loves the Preds, but I’d definitely say he’s a big Oilers fan as well because of those guys,” Bentley explained to Tracey Myers of NHL. “He loves being around the sport. If we’re not watching on TV, he’s playing it, he’s (watching) YouTube clips, always watching highlights of this or that. Playing it on the bench right now.”

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