There are many types of hair partings – side, center, zig-zag, etc.– and each of them accentuates different face shapes. They can add or take off years from your overall look. That’s why you need to figure out which hair parting suits you.

The right parting can help manage your tresses and frame your face. Sometimes, it also helps alter your face shape. For example, a side parting can make a round face look longer. A middle parting accentuates a long face or a heart-shaped face.

According to Paul Labrecque, Master Stylist and Creative Director, “Side parts elevate the hair and give the hair height, therefore side parting elongates the face. Middle parts in themselves are flat, so they draw the eye to the center. This is probably not best for those with a round face shape. You could add that hairsprays and dry shampoos can keep the partings looking fresh and oil-free.”

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Before You Get Started

  • Avoid wearing the same hair parting every day as it may weaken the parted roots of your hair and cause hair fall.
  • To style the hair better and tame cowlicks, part your hair when wet.
  • To add extra volume to your hair and make your partition look prominent, spray some dry shampoo on the scalp before creating the hairstyle.

Different Types Of Partings

1. Center Parting

This parting divides your hair right down the middle.

What You Need
  • Brush
  • Rat-tailed comb
  • Mirror
How To Do
  1. Brush all your hair back, making sure to remove any knots and tangles along the way.
  2. With the tail end of the comb, mark the center of your head. That would be the mid-way point between your eyebrows and in line with the center line of your nose.
  3. Drag the comb upward, dividing your hair at the center until you reach the crown.
  4. If you have bangs, brush them down, so they fall on your forehead before parting your hair.

2. Side Parting

This parting is taken on one side of the head.

What You Need
  • Brush
  • Rat-tailed comb
  • Mirror
How To Do
  1. Brush your hair to remove any tangles and then brush it all back.
  2. Place the tail of your comb near the inner corner of one of your eyebrows and lift it to mark that point on your front hairline.
  3. Drag the comb back either in a straight line or a diagonal line that reaches the center of the crown.
  4. If you have bangs, brush them towards the deeper side of the parting to form side-swept bangs.

3. Deep Side Parting

This makes your bangs look more side-swept at the front due to the deep parting taken on one side.

What You Need
  • Brush
  • Rat-tailed comb
  • Mirror
How To Do
  1. Brush your hair back to remove all knots and tangles.
  2. Place the tail end of your comb at the center of one eyebrow and lift it to mark that point on your front hairline.
  3. Drag the comb back in a straight line.
  4. If you have bangs, brush them toward the deeper side of the parting.

4. Slight Parting

The parting is slightly towards one side but looks like it’s somewhat in the center.

What You Need
  • Brush
  • Rat-tailed comb
  • Mirror
How To Do
  1. Brush all your hair back, making sure to remove any knots and tangles along the way.
  2. Place the tail end of the comb between your eyebrows, but slightly closer to one eyebrow.
  3. Drag the comb upwards, dividing your hair until you reach the crown.
  4. If you have bangs, brush them down, so they fall on your forehead before parting them in the same manner.

5. Zig-Zag Parting

This quirky parting follows a zig-zag path.

What You Need
  • Brush
  • Rat-tailed comb
  • Mirror
How To Do
  1. Detangle your hair and brush it back.
  2. Mark the inner corner of one eyebrow with the tail end of the comb. Drag it back until you reach your hairline.
  3. Drag the comb diagonally upward through your hair to a point that is in line with the inner corner of your other eyebrow.
  4. Once again, drag the comb diagonally up until it is line with the starting point of the first eyebrow.
  5. Keep parting your hair this way until you reach the crown.

6. Messy Parting

This kind of parting does not have a clearly defined line. It is mostly done with fingers instead of a comb.

What You Need
How To Do
  1. Mess up your hair with your fingers.
  2. Part your hair as you’d like using only your fingers.
  3. Spritz on some hairspray to keep the parting in place.

Paul Labrecque suggests, “Hairsprays and dry shampoos can keep the partings looking fresh and oil-free. You may want to keep this at-home and part of your regular styling routine.”

Now, let’s check out how celebrities style their parting to frame their face and accentuate their features!

33 Ways To Enhance Your Hairstyle With Partings

I. Round Face

1. Low Ponytail With Slight Parting

Tapered side bangs reduce the width of your forehead and accentuate your facial features. Here, they are drawing attention to Malin Akerman’s eyes, nose, and jawline. The pouf right above the ponytail adds volume at the top, which your face look longer. The mid-level ponytail adds focus to the lower half of her face, making it look more heart-shaped.

2. Messy Hair With Messy Parting

A middle parting with a messy ponytail is perfect for a round face. The best thing about messy wavy hair is that it adds volume to your hair. If you have a round face, you need to use it to your advantage the way Kate Bosworth did. The messy waves at the top add the volume required to make her face look slender and long.

3. Low Ponytail With Deep Parting

Kelly Osbourne is known for the remarkable hair colors she sports. This sleek hairdo looks perfect for a formal event. You probably think that a sleek ponytail does not suit round face shape, but pair it with a deep side parting and side-swept bangs, and you’ve got magic!

Stylecraze Says

Adding a dimension to a round face can be difficult but a deep side parting accentuates your face and adds symmetry to the face.

4. Side Parting With Layers

Mandy Moore looks elegant and pretty with this hairstyle. The layers beginning from below her chin add more definition to her jawline and make her face look long. The flicked-in and flicked-out ends give her hair a fuller look. The side parting makes her forehead appear smaller and draws attention to her eyes.

5. Messy Deep Parting

Side-swept hair looks fantastic, and Cara Delevingne proves it. Create a deep part and pin all your hair to one side to get this look. The subtle waves add volume to her hair. The height added to her hair near the crown makes her face look longer.

II. Heart-Shaped Face

6. Side Parting With Messy Side Braid

Isla Fisher looks terrific with this messy side braid. Braiding all your hair on one side cuts down the volume of the hair near your cheeks, giving your face a more slender look. The side parting with the side bangs draws attention to her eyes and mouth.

7. High Ponytail With Deep Parting

Reese Witherspoon is not only America’s sweetheart but the whole world’s as well. She has always sported bangs with either wavy or straight hair. Bangs look great on heart-shaped faces. They divert all the attention off your forehead and streamline the lower half of your face.

8. Retro Curls With Side Parting

Kate Hudson’s retro look is stunning. The full curls at the end add the needed wideness to her jawline and give her face a more proportionate look. This hairstyle reminds us of retro Hollywood.

9. Pixie Cut With Messy Parting

Yes! This drop-dead gorgeous Bond heroine has a heart-shaped face. Halle Berry turned heads with this stunning short hairdo. This spiky hairdo does her face justice by bringing all the attention to her cheekbones and eyes.

10. Messy Bun With No Parting

This is a creative way to tie a bun. Tie all your hair except for the ends in a bun. Curl the ends, backcomb them, and let them fall over the bun. Pull up hair at the top to create a slight pouf.

11. Shaggy Lob With Slight Parting

America’s sweetheart from the ‘90s, Meg Ryan, used to sport a short shag haircut most of the time. This messy look draws attention away from her forehead and focuses it on the bottom half of her face. Also, the side bangs frame her eyes well.

12. Big Updo With No Parting

Kate Hudson knows how to use her face shape to her advantage. She also knows when to steer clear of a parting. This no-parting updo looks incredible. Tie your hair in a bun and comb your bangs back with a round brush. Spritz on some hairspray to set the ‘do in place.

13. Messy Waves With Deep Parting

This wavy layered lob sported by Kaley Cuoco not only looks amazing but also makes her round face look longer. The layers make her face look leaner as well. This hairdo done up with a deep side parting works to make her face look more heart-shaped.

14. Beachy Waves With Slight Parting

This curly hairstyle looks chic. The waves and color add texture to Meg Ryan’s hair, making it look luscious. A slight parting is a great way to finish off this look.

15. Messy Hair With Deep Parting

Katie Holmes stuns with this straight and shiny hairstyle. This is one of the best hairstyles for women with heart-shaped faces. The long, straight hair with the side parting acentuate her eyes and lips.

III. Oval Face

16. Thick Bangs With No Part

“Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!” And she’s ever so gorgeous with this no-part hairstyle. New Girl star and singer Zooey Deschanel knows what works for her oval face and ocean-blue eyes. Her bangs are thick but do not cover her entire forehead. It brings the focus to her lovely face, especially her dreamy eyes. The braided headband brings up her style quotient even a notch higher.

17. Wavy Hair With Slight Parting

Natural and simple is the main idea of this Jessica Alba hairdo. The wavy ends are easy to achieve and give the hairstyle plenty of movement and shape. Though this low-fuss, slightly parted style is pretty basic, it accentuates her facial features beautifully.

18. Long Hair With Middle Parting

Model Naomi Campbell knows what looks good on her. The middle parting here highlights her chiseled nose, gorgeous eyes, full lips, and forehead.

19. Side-Swept Bangs With Deep Parting

Jennifer Love Hewitt has amazing hair! She looks stunning in this straight, bumped-up hair look. Though the side-swept bangs look a bit old-school, they accentuate her facial features beautifully.

20. Wavy Bob With Deep Parting

Audrey Tautou pulls off this short wavy hairstyle so flawlessly! The deep side parting forms side-swept bangs that draw attention to her eyes and lips. This short hairstyle is one for the books. If you love short hair, this is the look for you.

IV. Diamond Face

21. Subtle Waves With Middle Parting

Usually, a middle parting is a strict no-no for women with diamond faces, but Camila Alves has waves right near her cheeks, so the middle parting helps frame her face beautifully. This hairstyle also makes her jawline look broader and accentuates her cheekbones.

22. Curly Bob With Side Parting

Vanessa Hudgens is fantastic, and so is her hairdo. Having hair that ends below the jawline creates this triangular look with your hair that makes it look fuller. Add in a side parting to increase the volume of your hair. The big waves are softening the contours of her face, and the highlights all over her hair are framing it beautifully.

23. Straight Bob With Deep Parting

This hairstyle is an edgy alternative for women who don’t want to risk shaving one side of their head. The side-swept parting and bangs are making Selma Blair’s forehead look smaller. The bob ends just below her jawline, which makes it appear broader.

24. Bob With Middle Parting

The lob is perfect for diamond faces. Keep the length below the chin as it softens the jawline. Part your hair down the middle and tuck one side of your hair behind your ear. This creates a great asymmetrical look. Do note that the middle parting is used whenever the length of hair is below the jawline.

25. Side Parting With Side-Swept Bangs

Deep side-swept bangs are the best bangs for diamond face shapes. They soften the sharp facial lines of a diamond face. The side-swept bangs here are covering Rosario Dawson’s forehead, leaving only a little to be seen. This decreases the height of her forehead and helps focus on her eyes.

26. Tapered Bangs With Middle Parting

Jennifer Garner is the poster child for brunette hair. Her delicate features are highlighted beautifully with these short tapered bangs and straight hair. Her cheekbones are accentuated here as well.

27. Low Side Bun With Side Parting

This multi-talented woman is absolutely beautiful. The key to perfect updos, like the one Rosario Dawson is sporting here, is to not add too much height at the crown. Instead of a pouf, go for deep side-swept bangs along with a low bun. Keep this hairstyle a little loose to create a soft and romantic look.

28. Pinned Up Bangs With No Parting

If you are tired of your bangs, this updo is for you. Clip your bangs back and skip a parting altogether. Tie your hair in a messy low bun to finish off this look.

29. Frizzy Hair With Messy Parting

Frizzy hair looks excellent on diamond faces. You can leave it loose or take a leaf out of Tyra Bank’s book and part it on one side before pinning it up loosely. This hairstyle is playful and full of life!

30. Loose Hair With No Parting

This hairstyle is a brilliant alternative for the half ponytail. Take the front section of your hair and pin it back. Run your fingers through your hair to fluff it up to make it look voluminous. The highlights here help define Amanda Peet’s face.

31. Straight Lob With Deep Parting

This supermodel knows her hairstyles. This silky straight lob is flat right near the cheeks, which helps accentuate her cheekbones. The length of the hair along with the deep side parting helps in making her forehead and jawline appear wider.

32. Messy Middle Parting

Claudia Schiffer looks beautiful with this long layered hairstyle that accentuates the lower half of her face. She shows us that messy middle partings make for great hairstyle enhancers. The soft waves draw attention to her cheekbones and her chin while not making her chin look too long.

33. Pixie Cut With Dramatic Parting

There is no hairstyle that does not look good on this ethereal beauty! Scarlett Johansson’s short hair started a trend that is still breaking records all over the world. This hairstyle looks perfect on her long face as it accentuates her cheekbones and eyes, bringing just the right amount of fullness to her chin. And that over-accented parting is the cherry on top!

Key Takeaways

  • A well-placed parting helps you level up your hair game.
  • A suitable hair parting can frame your face and accentuate your features beautifully.
  • You can go for a center, side, deep side, messy, zig-zag, or slight parting, according to your personal style and face shape.

Stylecraze Says

If you have thin hair you can go for any movable parting and with blunt ends and moving hair partings from side to side will give your hair thickening and texturizing effects.

A parting can make your face look different. Part your hair based on your face shape to highlight your features. There are many types of hair partings. Center, side, seep side, slight, and zig-zag partings are some popular types of partings. You can also select your hairstyle based on partings that are suitable for face shape. A low ponytail with a slight parting, messy hair with a messy parting, a low ponytail with a deep parting, and a side parting with layers are some of the best hairstyles that you can try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hair partition is best?

The hair partition that is best for you depends on your face shape and the features you wish to highlight. A side parting suits round and square faces, while a middle parting looks best on long and oval faces.

Are hair partings natural?

Yes, hair partings are natural. However, you can change yours according to your face shape and hairstyle.

Why is my parting getting wider?

Your hair parting may get wider due to hair loss, alopecia, thyroid issues, or PCOS. Consult a doctor if you notice any such changes.

Is middle or side parting better?

The middle parting helps to complement the symmetry of the face, while the side part helps soften the features. So, if you want a more pronounced face, a middle parting will be better, and a soft parting will look better if you want a softer look.

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