Whether or not you have a class to attend, September’s back-to-school vibes are coming on strong—as your Aries horoscope for September 2023 finds you focused on refining your routine, catching up on work, and rearranging your schedule.

It’s Virgo season, which means it’s time to get on a grind! And with Mercury retrograding through your wellness-oriented sixth house, you’re sure to start getting your priorities straight, even if there are a few logistical hiccups along the road. 

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Romance is no longer on the back burner, as Venus retrograde finally comes to an end on September 3, bringing a lot more clarity and stability to your sex and dating life. Your ruling planet Mars is also touring your partnerships sector throughout the duration of September, so you’ve got added initiative when it comes to relationships and are more than ready to ask your lovers for exactly what you need. Now’s a time to spice up relationships.

Once mid-month rolls around, you’ll really feel the let’s-get-organized vibes kick in, as the new moon in Virgo on September 14 brings new life to your day-to-day groove. It’s a great time to add some healthy habits into your routine and perhaps even mix things up with something unexpected. Think outside the box and tap into your imagination when it comes to figuring out new ways to be productive. Thankfully Mercury retrograde wraps up the very next day, so putting your new ideas into motion will be easy to do.

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Libra season begins one week later, which finds the sun joining your ruling planet Mars in your relationship-oriented seventh house. As the autumn equinox peaks, Mars will be facing off with wounded-healer comet Chiron in your sign, which could bring up some triggers and tensions in relationships and make you feel extra sensitive. Try not to take things too personally this week or pick a fight over an old wound. All is well by the time you reach the end of the month, as the full moon in your sign on September 29 gives you a magical opportunity to manifest your heart out. Put your goals on full blast and start chasing after exactly what you want.