You might recognize the name, Hanacure, for its iconic face mask that celebs and shoppers alike have raved about. Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Busy Phillipps and Demi Moore have shown their love for the All-In-One Facial. Drew Barrymore even posted a video about it on her Instagram, calling it “a professional level treatment at home.” While Hanacure is most recognized for its mask, we’re here to tell you that the brand’s moisturizer should also be on your radar. 

The Nano Emulsion Moisturizer utilizes Hanacure’s special nanotechnology, which helps a high concentration of the moisturizer’s anti-aging ingredients get delivered and absorbed into the skin. It does this fast and with a super light texture that doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy. 

What are these miraculous, age-defying ingredients you might ask? Acetyl hexapeptide-8, copper tripeptide-1, Ruby of the Forest mushroom, sodium hyaluronate and squalane make up this all-star ingredient list. Together, they restore, soothe, hydrate and replenish skin. They also work to combat visible signs of aging. 

The lightweight, hydrating moisturizer minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and damage and improves skin texture and tone. Before you know it, your complexion will both look and feel like a million bucks. Shop a 40-milliliter bottle for $47 or a 100-milliliter bottle for $100. And if you end up loving the moisturizer, you can even sign up for a subscription. 

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Hanacure Nano Emulsion Moisturizer

Photo: Hanacure.

To see the best results, massage the product onto your skin every morning and night. The effects will be even better if you use the All-In-One Facial before applying this moisturizer. 

When it comes to efficacy, the reviews speak for themselves. 

“I don’t know how to properly describe this product but WOW it’s sheer, silky, makes your skin look like magic, primes for this dewy, beautiful finish for makeup and so much more,” raved one five-star reviewer. “I feel like this is the type of product that you only need this, an active, an SPF, a little makeup and done. Changes the look of your skin; not sure exactly how it works so well but wow. In love.”

It’s easy to see how the Nano Emulsion Moisturizer has earned a 4.9-star overall rating on Hanacure’s site. That’s pretty dang close to perfect!

Another shopper wrote, “Best face moisturizer I’ve ever used. Light enough to use daily. Doesn’t clog pores or irritate my super, super sensitive skin. Leaves me with glowing hydrated happy skin.”

To seal the deal, here’s what one other reviewer had to say about the product: “My skin gets soo dry in the winter. And it’s hard to find something that isn’t oily and sticky AND have it work. This makes my skin soft, smooth and moisturized. It’s not heavy nor is it sticky. It’s perfect. It goes on great and it’s light but last a long time.”

Don’t deprive your complexion of this ultra-hydrating and anti-aging moisturizer any longer. Toss one into your cart, and while you’re there, you might as well try the brand’s signature and celeb-loved All-In-One Facial, too.

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