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Experiencing significant hair loss can be a stressful situation, especially if none of the supposed solutions you’ve found have been effective. While ingredients like castor oil, argan oil and rosemary oil are successful for some, others may need a more potent formula to see visible change. On the plus side, online subscriptions for prescription-strength treatments have been making a name for themselves in an effort to solve this, and Happy Head is the latest direct-to-consumer brand to step onto the scene.

The idea behind Happy Head is nothing new—names like Hims, Hers and Musely already paved the way for consumers to get prescription-level solutions without a required in-person doctor’s visit. But what sets Happy Head apart from its competitors is the level of potency in its treatments alongside its personalized customizations; Happy Head uses “topical Finasteride in combination with a 40 percent higher concentration of Minoxidil with Retinoic Acid.” The proprietary formula is compounded monthly and only available from Happy Head, per the brand’s website.

You’ve likely heard of Minoxidil (it’s also commonly referred to as Rogaine), but if you’re new to Finasteride, here’s a little explainer: As Happy Head notes, the ingredient is a modern method that offers efficient benefits with lower chances of adverse side effects. It works to minimize DHT levels (high levels can contribute to hair loss) and can bring results in as little as three months.

Happy Head

Happy Head

How Do Happy Head’s Treatments Work?

As noted above, Finasteride is a DHT blocker that inhibits the production of DHT, resulting in faster growth and less hair fall-out. It’s available in both oral and topical forms, both of which Happy Head offers. If you’d rather not risk sexual side effects, you may want to opt for the topical form—though keep in mind, this can potentially bring its own unique reactions.

Following your consultation with a dermatologist, your treatment is then personally customized to fit your specific hair concerns; each formulation contains varying ingredients based on what is needed most. Your consultation will shed more light on what that is. 

How Do I Begin My Subscription?

You’ll start by answering a short hair loss questionnaire for Happy Head’s board-certified dermatologist to review. After that, the dermatologist will evaluate and prescribe your custom medication and send the 60ml bottle straight to your provided address.

The cost runs at $79 per month (shipping + handling is free), which covers your initial consultation and the growth treatment. You can cancel or delay your next order at any time by contacting customer service.

Use code GOHAIR for 50 percent off your first order.

How Effective is Happy Head?

While there is just over 100 reviews on the brand’s website, Happy Head’s treatments have already garnered a 4.3-star rating from users who have tried the service.

As one shopper wrote in their review, “I’ve only been using Happy Head for 2 1/2 months, and I’m seeing legitimate improvements already! I’ve used other products that either didn’t work at all or made my scalp super sore, and this feels very easy on the skin in comparison. My receding hairline definitely looks a lot fuller again, can’t wait to see how it looks in a few months!”

You can also watch more in-depth testimonials on Happy Head’s YouTube channel, which showcase some customers before-and-afters.

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