If there’s one thing Ariana Grande is good at, it’s choosing relationships that always seem to cause a media frenzy. From sudden breakups and random flings to full-blown accusations of cheating, there’s never a shortage of drama in the “7 Rings” singer’s love life. If you’re wondering whether Ariana Grande’s birth chart and zodiac sign can explain why she hops from one relationship to another, you’re in the right place.

In light of news that Ariana Grande is now dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater—just weeks after announcing her divorce from Dalton Gomez—this topic has never been more relevant. And the fact that Ethan has also announced his divorce from Lilly Jay—his long-time wife and mother of his 1-year-old son—has made this relationship her most controversial one yet. And because astrologers love a torrid affair to analyze, they’ve been picking apart her birth chart all over social media.

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If we’re being honest, you don’t even need astrology to tell you that Ariana Grande is attracted to drama and mischief, because she tells you herself in several of her songs. In “Thank U, Next”, she proudly evaluates her relationship history as though each of her exes were just another man to add to her collection. In “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”, her lyrics reveal she has a tendency to become attracted to men who are already in relationships and sees it as an exciting challenge.

So, can Ariana Grande’s birth chart explain the real reason why she has a tendency to come in-between other people’s relationships? You bet it can.


Ariana Grands Is a Cancer Sun & Libra Moon

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993 at 9:16 p.m. ET, making her a Capricorn rising, Cancer sun, and Libra moon. One thing is certain from her birth chart—she’s in love with love. Her reputation for being a serial monogamist precedes her, as her sun is in cuddly and emotionally-driven Cancer, which also happens to be in her seventh house of partnerships. Because the sun rules your ego, this indicates that being single may make her feel more insecure than she’s comfortable with. With her sun in her relationship-oriented seventh house, she gains her confidence from being in a partnership and feeling wanted and needed by her one true love.

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However, that doesn’t mean being in a relationship always leaves her feeling fulfilled. After all, her Cancer sun forms a challenging square with her moon in Libra. This can indicate that her instinct is often to move on to the “next” relationship, as Libra is a cardinal air sign that’s always moving forward. In astrology, your moon is symbolic of your idea of comfort, your sense of security, and even your mother. And while Libra is technically a flirtatious and relationship-oriented zodiac sign, it looks at love from a more lighthearted and superficial perspective than Cancer. So while Ariana thinks she wants that deep and undying love, what she may really want is the excitement that comes with the honeymoon period of a new relationship. The harsh square between her moon and sun reveals a disconnect between her wants and her needs, which may cause her to never truly feel satisfied.


A source close to Ethan Slater’s estranged wife Lilly Jay has told Daily Mail that Ariana Grande “hung out” with the couple before he suddenly decided to terminate the relationship. Lilly Jay herself told Page Six that Ariana is not a “girl’s girl” and that her family is “collateral damage.” Because Ariana Grande’s Libra moon is opposing her Black Moon Lilith in Pisces—which rules over your most taboo and uninhibited desires—she may find it extra hard to resist temptation when in love, especially because Pisces can be idealistic and prone to wearing rose-colored glasses. They’re also prone to making moves in secret without being noticed—at least at first.

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Her birth chart also indicates that what she’s really craving from love is a sense of belonging and familiarity. Because her Taurus Venus is in her fourth house of home and family, it makes sense why Ariana would be attracted to someone who has proven their ability to take care of their loved ones. For example, Pete Davidson was dating Cazzie David just before making it official with Ariana and Ethan Slater was already married with a child when be met Ariana. This placement can indicate that Ariana has a thing for the “family man” type.

Why is the public so obsessed with analyzing and judging her relationships? Well, her Venus is also opposite destructive Pluto in her 10th house of media image, indicating that her reputation has come to be associated with stealing other people’s boyfriends. And while this side of her persona lives in infamy, it will likely continue to make her that much more fascinating to the public.

Ariana Grande, Ethan Slater, Lilly Jay
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Will Her Relationship With Ethan Slater Last?

Regardless of how you feel toward Ariana Grande and her new beau, you probably came here for the real answer: Will her relationship with Ethan Slater last?

Because Venus—planet of love and values—is currently retrograding until September 3, there’s a good chance this relationship is not here to stay. Relationships that begin during Venus retrograde have a tendency to go peter out, as Venus is making experimental decisions right now, not permanent ones. Not only that, but Venus retrograde will move directly over Ariana’s Chiron in Leo next month, which rules over Ariana’s deepest wounds and insecurities. Because her Chiron also happens to be in her seventh house of partnerships, Ariana will likely struggle with feeling as though her new relationship is fulfilling her the way she thought it would. This retrograde could call on her to do some deep inner work regarding the way she views her one-on-one relationships. There’s a good chance the negative press will eventually add much more pressure to her plate, as her natal Chiron placement also squares off with Ariana’s natal Venus.