The pixie cut is a short hairstyle with a twist to it. It is short on the back and sides and longer in the front. However, there are pixie hairstyles for different face shapes. Do you want to know which one suits your face shape?

The pixie cut was first popularized in the 1950’s and is now the staple hairstyle of Celebs like Halle Berry, Rihanna, Keira Knightly, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. This hairstyle is also very popular amongst teenagers and teen celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson too.

These pixies are easy to care for and can be worn casually or can be styled for special occasions. It is ideal for women and young girls who do not want to spend a lot of time styling.

Licensed cosmetologist Dawna Jarvis, who has her own salon and even coaches new hair stylists, says, “Pixie cuts are timeless, and if paired with the right face shape and neck (yes, pixies look best when you have a longer neck), they can really make a statement.” There are different pixie haircuts for different face cuts. Below are some of pixie hairstyles:

Before You Get Started

  • People with straight hair may benefit the most from pixie hairstyles as choppy bangs and layers are easily seen on this hair type.
  • You may need to use a curling iron to curl back the front hair, so your locks look voluminous.
  • A 1/4″ flat iron is ideal for styling pixie hair.
  • Wear a wrap cap while sleeping if the back of your head is shaved or tapered. It will maintain the shape of your hair.

1. For Oblong Faces

The key focus while getting a pixie for oblong face shapes is to remember that the cut must make the face appear smaller. Therefore, the pixie must be flat at the top with long bangs in the front. The bangs may be a long, eyebrow grazing fringe, or side-swept for a rounded look. If you can make your hair wavy, it gives added balance. Avoid very short cropped pixies and baby bangs for oblong faces as they will only elongate the face further.

2. For Triangle Faces

Triangle faces have a significantly pointy chin and wide forehead. An ideal pixie to balance these features would be one that balances the width of the forehead while fluffing the crown for a rounded look. A voluminous pixie with piecey bangs will do the job perfectly. Keeping the sides short will also draw attention to your pretty cheekbones.

3. For Oval Faces

Women with an oval shaped face can pull off any look especially the bold pixie cuts! You can add a fringe on the crown for volume. Short fringes draw attention to all your features and will accentuate your cheekbones and full lips. You can either keep the fringes on your forehead or side sweep them on any side. If you’re looking for a softer look, keep the fringe longer.

StyleCraze Says

You can add crown layers to this hairstyle or do an asymmetrical pixie with side-swept or feathered bangs to accentuate your best features.

4. For Round Faces

The main aim for round faced beauties is to make it look a little more elongated. This can be done by adding height to the crown. A lot of layers need to be added to provide that required volume. For round faces, avoid short bangs, as it would decrease the volume on the crown. The back of this haircut is almost a barbershop style boy cut.

StyleCraze Says

You can add side-swept fringes and choppy layers or do an undercut to give a more voluminous look to your hair.

5. For Heart Shaped Faces

For a heart shaped face, the main goal is to add height to elongate the face. In this hairstyle, a lot of texture is added to the crown to give the face the right balance. The sides are kept flat to keep the face elongated. Heart shaped faces have a wider forehead, so you can add fringes to hide the forehead. You can either keep your fringes in the front to highlight your face or side sweep them to make your forehead appear narrower. This pixie hairstyle is best for women having small faces, striking eyes and high cheekbones.

6. For Square Faces

If you have a square shaped face, then you have a strong angular jawline and your face measures about the same from top to bottom and from side to side. For this pixie hairstyle, get a soft layered cut. Do not get a blunt cut as it would accentuate your square jaw line. Also avoid straight, blunt and thick bangs. Instead go for side swept bangs that are just below the brow length. Keep your hair cut just below the jaw line.

7. For Balanced Faces

Beauties with a balanced face can go for a short bob pixie hair cut. The cut is short at the nape, while the top and sides are thicker for more versatility. This layered bob look with hair tucked behind your ears, looks like a short pixie. You can also go for short bangs over your forehead which highlight your cheekbones.

The pixie haircut works better on some face shapes compared to others. You can experiment with different layers and bang styles to find a pixie variation that suits your face shape. Oval faces pair well with pixie haircuts. For round faces, you should avoid short bangs, but lean into heavy layers. Choose top-heavy pixie cuts for heart-shaped faces. Since square faces are sharp, a soft-layered pixie would soften it. We hope this article has helped you learn how to sport pixie hairstyles for different face shapes. Pixie cuts are short and choppy, and they can easily go wrong. This is why you should discuss the pixie cut you want with your hairstylist, as they can recommend the best ones for your face shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if a pixie cut will suit you?

You can either consult with a professional hairstylist or use a mobile app to know whether a pixie cut can suit you and your lifestyle.

Is a pixie cut good for older ladies?

Yes, a pixie cut is a versatile haircut that is suitable for women of all ages. You can go for a modern messy pixie or add some fun highlights or a quiff to add an edgy look to your hairstyle.

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