Don’t mess with them! Steve Harvey and his wife are putting the cheating rumors to rest. After unverified rumors on social media, the Family Feud host and Marjorie Harvey are coming out with the truth.

The two started dating in the 90s but things didn’t work out at first. The two got married after Steve divorced his second wife in 2007. The two share a blended family with Morgan, Jason, and Lori from Marjorie’s side and Brandi, Carli, Broderick Jr. and Wynton from Steve. In a letter written to his wife in 2022, he wrote, “I finally had somebody I could start over with. You were willing to get in that foxhole with me and grow with me. When we got back together, it was even better because we knew each other. It was just a perfect fit. It’s hard to explain. It wasn’t work. It wasn’t hard to be together. We laughed all the time. You made me happy. I made you happy. I filled in all your gaps. You sure filled in all my gaps. It didn’t take long for me to realize that you were the chick for me.”

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So did Steve Harvey cheat on his wife? Read more to find out.

Did Steve Harvey’s wife cheat on him?

Did Steve Harvey’s wife cheat on him? No, Steve Harvey’s wife did not cheat on him. He cleared up the rumors in a statement issued to social media. “Before I get started, just let me say, I’m fine. Marjorie’s fine,” Steve said in a TikTok from his appearance at Invest Fest 2023 in Atlanta.

“I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do, ’cause we fine. Lord have mercy Man,” Steve added. “I ain’t got no time for rumors and gossip. God’s been good to me, I’m still shining,” he said.

Meanwhile, his wife took to her own hands to address the rumors. She posted a screenshot with the text “how to handle being lied about,” which features a quote from the book of Peter: “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.” She wrote on the caption, “This is the website https://mattmcmillenministries.com/how-to-handle-being-lied-about/ My husband and I don’t usually stop to address all the foolishness and lies that have been spread about us. However to whom much is given much is required. I understand that with my platform comes some sort of responsibility to those that may not be as strong as we are. Read and share this with your love ones that may not know how to properly cope. God Bless all of you 🙏🏾😍”

The rumors circulated once Youtuber KEEM shared a tweet on August 26 claiming that Marjorie cheated “with the bodyguard and the personal chef.” He posted a follow-up tweet writing, “allegedly that’s what the Internet is saying.” Though there was no proof directed toward any of the rumors.

The drama comes days after Harvey issued an apology statement about asking people for comedians that they “don’t find funny at all.”

“Somebody that works for me on my Twitter put a statement out that was totally negative,” Harvey said in a video posted to the site formerly known as Twitter on Friday. “I gotta take responsibility for it ’cause they work for me, but the engagement was talking about ‘name a comedian you don’t think is funny.’ Why would I do something like that? That don’t even make no damn sense. My whole brand is to be motivational, and Imma turn around and say something like that? You don’t know where these young people [are] at in their career, man. They could be coming up or anything. I’m all about positivity; I would’ve never done nothing like that.”

Marjorie gushed over her husband in a 2020 interview with Essence.” I was over the moon for Steve when I first met him, so to trust my heart and go back to the man that I once loved was really easy. With Steve, I could relax because I knew this wasn’t someone that had broken my heart so I could trust him. He knew that he could trust me with his heart and trust is a big thing. It made it a lot easier for he and I to just move past the preliminaries and just to get to know each other again”

Image: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

She then concluded that she finally found her soulmate after a long time. “I wish every woman can find a soulmate like I’ve been blessed to find. This is really my best friend. I can talk to my husband about any and every thing; he can talk to me about any and every thing. We complement each other and we bring out the best in each other so it’s just a beautiful relationship all the way around. We laugh together. I love his sense of humor. For my children, I only wish that my sons — all three of them — can be the man that their father is and for my daughters I wish for them the same thing that I finally found and that’s a man just like my father.”

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