If I had to guess the most-searched makeup look, my money is on glowy skin. It’s trends like the clean girl aesthetic and the no-makeup makeup look that have truly set the tone. And it’s got me and a gazillion other people trying to hunt down products that’ll help achieve Hailey Bieber-level dewiness. Well, thanks to the model’s recent Easter GRWM TikTok, we have everything we need to get glowing. 

It’s a well-known fact that Hailey loves Kosas, specifically the brand’s concealer and setting powder. But she’s back at it with a brand-new product recommendation: the DreamBeam Sunscreen. I’ve been seeing it all over TikTok, and not just on Hailey’s account. So let’s dig into why everyone’s reaching for this bright pink bottle.


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For one, it’s a clean mineral sunscreen that protects you with 21.7 percent non-nano zinc. Joining zinc is ceramides for suppleness and peptides for plump, smooth, firm skin. Top that off with hyaluronic acid for hydration and allantoin for soothed and conditioned skin. The product’s ingredient list includes all of the buzzy skincare ingredients, which is probably why celebs like Hailey and Alix Earle are using it. 

The formula is also silicone-free, safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores), reef-safe and non-acnegenic. These are all words we love to see when it comes to finding the perfect SPF.

Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen

Photo: Kosas.

Wear it alone or as a base for your makeup, but either way, your complexion will look so radiant and healthy. Be sure to warm up the product in your hands before applying it to your face. And let it sink into your skin for three to five minutes before starting your makeup routine. 

Additionally, there’s no need to worry about a white cast because this sunscreen’s peachy-pink hue offsets the natural bluish-white tint that’s caused by the zinc oxide.

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You might also be curious as to whether DreamBeam is waterproof. The bad news is it’s not, but the good news is that tests have shown that the formula is water-resistant for 80 minutes of water exposure. 

Now the product literally just launched, so the reviews section isn’t completely poppin’ yet. However, this sunscreen does already have a 4.9-star overall rating and shoppers are thrilled with the formula. 

“I’ve used mineral sunscreen for years and have tried many tinted products. While some of them were very good none come close to DreamBeam,” one reviewer raved. “It really feels and looks like a dream on my face, leaving a light natural and beautiful glow. It’s in a class all its own.”

And if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, this shopper can assure you that this formula really is acnegenic. “Almost every SPF makes my skin breakout so I was really hesitant to use DreamBeam. I’ve worn it every day for a week and I have no signs of a breakout,” one shopper explained. “I even wore it this weekend at Coachella, and with all the dust and reapplying a few times a day, my skin still feels great. Definitely worth a try for people with very sensitive skin.”

Let Kosas’ new sunscreen melt right into your skin for the dewiest, smoothest complexion, whether you’re wearing makeup with it or going au naturel. It’s light and comfy on your skin and doesn’t leave behind a sticky, greasy feel. Plus, it’s earned a stamp of approval from multiple celebs, including the queen of glowy skin herself.

If you’re looking to try more of Mrs. Bieber’s faves from Kosas, keep shopping the products below. 

Kosas Revealer Concealer

Photo: Kosas.

Kosas Revealer Concealer

The model is never without her Revealer Concealer when she shows her TikTok and YouTube fans how she does her makeup. Even I have hopped on the bandwagon, and I can confirm that this concealer is extremely creamy and blendable.

Kosas Cloud Set Setting Powder

Photo: Kosas.

Kosas Cloud Set Setting Powder 

The brand says this powder provides “shine control, not glow control,” and after trying this product for myself, I 100 percent agree. Unlike its counterparts, it doesn’t leave my makeup looking cakey, nor does my makeup separate by the end of the day. My glow is definitely still intact after swiping on this powder. Hailey likes to apply Cloud Set in her T-zone area, which is where she accumulates the most excess oil.

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