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Laser therapy has proven to be an effective solution for an umbrella of skin concerns, but primarily when it comes to reversing the effects of aging. The use of light therapy has only grown in popularity over recent years due to its restorative benefits, with many skincare brands dropping tools that can be used from the comfort of one’s own home. That said, the intensity of these consumer-friendly tools may not be able to provide the same results as professional-grade lasers you’d find in a dermatologist’s office.

That’s where LYMA is making a name for itself. The brand has released what they deem to be the world’s strongest light therapy laser readily available to the public, citing it as the only device able to reach the base layer of your skin. It uses low level laser therapy (or near infrared laser light) that’s commonly used in the medical industry to penetrate deep into the skin in a completely harmless way. In fact, the FDA-cleared clinic-grade laser not only reaches into the lowest layers of the skin, but also the fat and muscle tissue underneath.

This may sound intense, but there’s no need to scoop up a pair of googles alongside a LYMA laser. The device leans on two patented internal diffusers that fragment the light into 25,000 smaller beams, which results in cold and pain-free light energy on your skin, A.K.A zero damage post-use. It’s been optimized for application on all skin tones.

“The LYMA Laser targets more skin conditions than any other cosmetic at-home device on the market,” the brand’s marketing says on the website.

LYMA Laser


LYMA Laser

The portable device just requires 30 minutes of your time each day, and according to the brand, visible results can be seen in as quick as 12 weeks of use on anything from skin elasticity to skin texture to a more even skin tone.  You’ll find plenty of before-and-after photos on the website showcasing just how powerful the effects of the laser can be, alongside glowing reviews from real customers who’ve tried it.

“I’m addicted to the Laser and would not be without it— getting lots of compliments recently and people think I look at least five years younger than I am,” shared one reviewer.

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“I absolutely love my laser. Melasma is a constant battle for me (I’m in my late 40s and had a beachy, sunny childhood in the 80s) and it has made a huge difference! I love the difference in skin tone, texture and glow,” raved a second. “It’s even helped with the dreaded turkey neck!”

Investing in your skin is just as worthy of an investment as say, exercise equipment or luxury hair tools. That said, cost for a LYMA laser will run you $2,675, so you’ll really want to be committed to performing regular treatments.

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