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Ever wondered what professional makeup artists use on the actors’ skin during filming to keep their complexions in check? One brand just gave us a little intel—Balmonds, an all-natural skincare company that creates products for eczema-prone customers and those with irritating skin-flare ups, has carved out a spot on film and TV sets. 

More specifically, the brand’s Skin Salvation face balm has made a name for itself on hit shows like Bridgerton. “This product is amazing. It’s an official holy-grail product of mine. I ideally use it after we remove the makeup every day, and it feels so good to recover the skin after all day using makeup,” Gloria Peñaranda, MUA on Bridgerton (and the show Survivor), shared with Balmonds. 

Even Genevieve O’Reilly, an actress known for her work in the Star Wars franchise, said that Skin Salvation is a “game changer for her family’s dry skin,” sharing “It is soothing and calming and nourishing all at once. And when a rough or irritated patch of eczema has arisen, Skin Salvation has calmed it within a day.”

balmonds Film & TV MUA’s Swear By This Soothing Balm to Calm Inflammation on Actors Skin—& It’s Under $13

Courtesy of Balmonds.

Balmond’s Skin Salvation

So what exactly is in this “holy grail” balm that makes it so good? It was originally launched in 2007 when a mother needed a safe, all-natural moisturizer for her daughter’s eczema-prone skin, and is a 100 percent natural intensive moisturizing balm made without fragrances, synthetics or paraffin. Dermatologist-approved for sensitive skin, it locks in moisture with the help of protective beeswax that supports the skin barrier with every application. It is capable of treating a range of inflammatory and irritating issues, such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and dry or sore areas (including past the face—yep, you can apply it on the cuticles, small cuts, scars, elbows, wherever is needed.) 

MUA’s and actors aren’t the only ones who have come to rely on the balm’s healing powers. Shoppers even have sung the product’s high praises. 

“A perfect pot to use on extra dry areas or during an eczema flare up. I’ve used it on my eyes and neck, and other areas of my body and love the effect it has. A little goes a long way,” wrote one.

“I’ve had a small, irritating blister on my neck/ throat for longer than I ought, having ignored it, last week I started to use this to see if it’s made any difference …. It’s gone, completely in a week,” raved another.

The Skin Salvation balm is available for the low starting cost of $12.50.

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