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Do you ever have the types of breakouts that leave you stunned, searching for the answer to why they appeared in the first place? The kind that appear even if you’re eating well, changing your pillow cases, and doing your skincare routine day and night? Personally, I’m guilty of being prone to this surprise day ruining acne on the regular—that is, until I discovered Murad’s Deep Relief Acne Treatment, which is currently included in the brand’s rare sale where you can score $25 off $100+ orders with the code FAMILY25 through the end of the day.

When browsing on TikTok, I came across a video of someone who claimed their deep, cystic acne cleared up almost instantaneously because they used this product for five days and I just had to order it immediately to keep on hand for my monthly visitors.

The way it works is by combining the powerhouse ingredients BHA that is derived from willow bark and 2 percent salicylic acid, to help with clearing breakouts and exfoliating the skin. This fantastic duo can help with all types of acne you encounter—blackheads, whiteheads, and even painful cystic acne. Those with skin on the oily skin can also utilize this acne treatment for unclogging pores.

murad deep relief

Courtesy of Murad.

Murad Deep Relief Acne Treatment

The coolest thing about this acne treatment is the Invisible Film Forming Polymer, an ingredient that acts like a second skin to basically be the bodyguard to your healing face. It holds the actives on your breakout for a little bit longer to ensure that they penetrate deep and do all of the healing the product promises.

And I’m not the only one who agrees, one reviewer said “I must say I’m blown away by the results. I have tried so many products and have spent thousands, but hands down this is it for me. I have cystic stubborn acne due to PCOS and nothing works. My breakouts take weeks to go away and this magical bottle helps them heal overnight!”

For me, knowing there’s relief from the pain that comes with my cystic breakouts is the best thing about this product. Acne hurts—especially the type that lives under the skin with no way of coming to the surface. I started applying this product to the effected area at night, once per day, and woke up the next morning with less-inflamed skin and some pain relief. Within three days, my redness had disappeared and any leftover dark spots began healing.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Murad’s website right now to grab this legendary acne treatment today.

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