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If vitamin C were a candidate for a job, it would have an impressive resume of accomplishments. The ingredient is often put on a pedestal, but it’s for good reason: Per WebMD, it’s “necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues.” So how does that apply to the skin? Essentially, it’s capable of fixing damage quite efficiently, whether you’re dealing with premature aging, sun spots or a lackluster skin tone (the list goes on.) 

You may have your vitamin C applications down pat when it comes to the skin on your face, but it’s just as essential to bring the same opportunity to the rest of the skin on your body. NativaSPA’s limited-edition Brightening Body Lotion is up for the task—according to the product description, the formula “maximizes the Vitamin C in Strawberry, which protects the skin with exceptional antioxidant action, and brings out the life of the skin.”

NativaSPA Strawberry Brightening Body Lotion


NativaSPA Strawberry Brightening Body Lotion

Yes, you read that correctly—strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, and bring a surge of antioxidants to the skin. By regular use of the body lotion, you should begin to see a range of positive differences, not limited to restored luminosity, increased collagen production (less sagging skin) and a more even tone. The dermatologist-tested formula doesn’t stop there, though. It also contains the brand’s signature pure quinoa oil, which has been shown to boost firmness and tightness across the skin within a month of use.

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Beyond it’s skincare benefits, the lotion also offers a long-lasting scent to the skin that the brand describes as the juicy scent of strawberry with a touch of floral and woody notes. As one reviewer wrote, “[It] smells wonderful and goes on the skin smoothly.”

All the more better, NativaSPA is currently running special promotions for shoppers allowing you to save on additional products beyond the brightening body lotion: Score its Plum Body Oil for 20 percent off, it’s Shea Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter for 20 percent off. Add all three to your cart so you’re stocked up for the summer.

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