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I remember when scented bodycare (à la Bath & Body Works) was all the rage back when I was a peanut (A.K.A. 13 years old.) Nowadays, trendy bodycare is more geared towards treating real concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin. But what if I said you could get the best of both worlds? Both a long-lasting delectable scent and fast-acting ingredients can be found in NativaSPA’s Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Lotion.

First off, the body lotion’s inclusion of vanilla is far more unique than you might think. The antioxidant-rich ingredient is sustainably sourced from Madagascar Island in Africa, and was chosen by the brand for the comforting properties it brings the skin, body and whole being, such as its “natural soothing qualities and warm scent.” 

The hero ingredient in this lotion is combined with NativaSPA’s beloved 100 percent quinoa oil, which has been studied and proven to boost skin texture and improve fine lines in as fast as 28 days. Per the brand, the “patented Quinoa Oil formula gives moisture right back to the skin, firming and smoothing its appearance.” You’ll find three products on NativaSPA’s line-up which solely focus on spotlighting this pure quinoa oil: a body lotion, body oil and hand cream.

NativaSPA Vanilla Body Lotion


NativaSPA Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Lotion

But if you’re looking for all the above benefits, plus a super sweet lingering scent, this vanilla version should be your first choice. As one reviewer put it, “The fixation is great as the scent remains on the body for hours, plus it maintains the skin’s [hydration]. The lotion is not oily, and easily absorbed by the body. I simply love the scent.”

“I am blown away by not only the delicious sent but also with silky smooth touch! Highly recommend,” raved a second fan.