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I’m continually in awe of each new release Peace Out Skincare drops—from line-smoothing retinol sticks to acne-targeted cleansing balms, the brand knows how to pinpoint concerns and rectify them swiftly. That’s why when I caught wind early of another exciting launch on the horizon, I jumped at the opportunity to put it to the test before the public. And boy oh boy, it did not disappoint. 

Introducing: The Instant Pore Perfector Primer. The skincare-makeup hybrid formula blurs large pores and texture immediately upon application—trust me, you will gasp—while improving the overall look and feel of your skin over time. As Peace Out founder and CEO, Enrico Frezza, told StyleCaster, “Instant Pore Perfector is so much more than a primer, it’s your next-gen pore perfector. Unlike most primers on the market, Instant Pore Perfector doesn’t contain silicones and instead uses a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, mushroom extract and malic acid to minimize pores with good for your skin ingredients.”

Before we get into it, you should also know the brand has dropped its Mother’s Day sale, meaning you can score this new addition, as well as other bestsellers from the brand, for 20 percent off. This sale slashes the primer’s price from $28 to $19. A discount like this one is simply too hard to resist, especially on a product this good, so make sure to scoop it before the sale ends tonight. Plus, spend more to save more: buy $50 worth of product and get 20 percent off; buy $100 worth of product and get 30 percent off.

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Peace Out Skincare

Image: Peace Out

And the primer’s claims check out; through a brand-run consumer study, over 89 of participants said their skin “appeared more smooth and even” while near equal percentages of users said their skin “appeared more mattified” and “pores appeared smaller or minimized after application.”  

I personally can attest to all of the above. The first time I applied the primer, I was amazed at how effortlessly it blurred the pores around my nose and paved the way for foundation and concealer to glide over top better than before. My skin almost appeared airbrushed; there was definitely a notable difference between all my makeup applications prior to this one. After several subway rides and a full workday, I was surprised to see how well my makeup held up, too—while it normally would have appeared patchy and oily, it instead looked nearly as fresh as the morning.

Naturally, Frezza has seen results from personal use as well. “My skin instantly has a photo-filtered look,” he shared. “It helps even out my skin texture and tone, blurs my pores, making them almost invisible. I’ve been using Instant Pore Perfector for X months and have seen a drastic improvement in the appearance of my pore size. I also love that it provides instant benefits for immediate skin-gratification and has long-term pore refining properties that I look for in all my skincare products.”

I’m eager to see the long-term benefits of using the Instant Pore Perfector. In the meantime, I’ll continue to reap its skin-blurring magic daily with each makeup application. Scoop a tube of your own for 20 percent off now, and don’t forget to shop the rest of the brand’s offerings.

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