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An esthetician once told me the shocking news that pore size is largely tied to genetics, so if you’ve been looking for another reason to scoff at your ancestors, you can add that to the list. As someone with relatively large pores, I couldn’t help but feel I’d been lied to by a lot of beauty products claiming to “shrink my pores.” While that’s apparently not possible, all hope is not lost; congestion and build-up is still a very real thing, and your skin needs a good clean-out every once in a while to keep things clear and smooth.

Lucky for all us oily skin gals, PÜR’s Joystick may be of service. While the brand is primarily known for its makeup products (I’m obsessed with its airbrushing powder), its skincare offerings shouldn’t be overlooked. The exfoliating cleansing stick is one such example; the deep cleansing formula controls oil production and removes impurities from the skin, and comes in a stick form for ease of application and any on-the-go needs.

PÜR’s Joystick


Ingredients like Moroccan lava clay, charcoal, diatomaceous earth (a gentle exfoliant) and jojoba seed extract lather into a “rich foam” that removes makeup, purifies the complexion and sheds dead skin cells, revealing a brighter appearance with every use. While all skin types can reap its benefits, the cleansing stick is specifically geared towards those with oily and acne-prone complexions. 

Simply massage the stick onto damp skin in circular motions with an emphasis on the T-zone. You can also leave the product on for several minutes as a face mask. 

According to reviewers, the supposed benefits aren’t an embellishment; many have seen significant changes come from implementing the Joystick into their cleansing routine.

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“I’m in love with this! I am in my 50’s and although my skin isn’t as oily as in my younger years, I have some T zone issues,” wrote one person on the brand’s website. “This little thing is amazing. I noticed a difference after first use. My pores are less congested. I think the stick is a clever idea. It just seems to be easier and it’s kind of fun. I love the option of leaving it on a little longer if time permits for a little deeper cleanse. Rinses easily too.”

It’s even the perfect addition in the beginning of winter, since according to another fan it helps keep dead skin away. “This exfoliating cleanser works like a dream,” they said. “I have been using this particular one for 2 years, one stick lasts me about 9 months, give or take. I use it 1-2 times a week depending on the season and it helps keep the dry, rough patches at bay and leaves my skin looking fresh and smooth.”

In conclusion, we may not be able to shrink our pores to be non-existent to the eye, but we can keep them in check for a glowing, clear complexion. Get a PÜR Joystick for the job.

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