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Hair loss is no doubt a frightening experience, but believe it or not, it’s far more common than you’d think. While on average most people lose between 50 to 100 strands a day, excessive thinning can arise due to a plethora of factors, such as stress, lifestyle changes, medications or genetics. While it’s always a good idea to flag drastic changes to a professional, there are a number of anti-loss products that can ease your discomfort and return your hair to a near-normal state. 

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According to reviewers, Rene Furturer’s Triphasic Reactional Concentrated Serum is one of the best options around, and it’s currently on sale during the brand’s Earth Day sale. The 100 percent drug-free, leave-in treatment quickly works to reverse temporary thinning and loss thanks to its unique line-up of ingredients. Lotus mineral complex, a combination of blue lotus and white Indian lotus, rebalances the scalp and reduces the effects of stress on the delicate area. Pfaffia extract surges the skin with a hefty dose of nutrients to promote stronger, healthier locks, while lemon essential oil increases microcirculation and minimizes inflammation.

If this ingredient breakdown sounds ideal for your strands, now’s your chance to grab the product on sale. Use code STRENGTH at checkout to save 20 percent on your order of $85 or more through August 14.

These ingredients can help to hydrate both the scalp and hair itself, says Andrew Kashian, founder of Solve Clinics, an award-winning hair transplant clinic in Chicago. “Hydrating the scalp provides a good, nutrient-rich environment for hair growth,” he shared with StyleCaster. “Pfaffia extract is an ingredient that has been shown to help with hair hydration and, in turn, some regrowth.”

Promising results from use of the serum were found during a brand-run study conducted over the course of one month across 99 subjects; 88 percent said that their hair felt like it had more vitality. A near equal percentage claimed their hair was more resilient after three months of applications in a separate study.

While individual results will vary, you’ll likely need to practice patience during use. “Since the serum is working down at the follicle level, the hair can take 3-6 months to grow up and out through the skin,” said Kashian. 

But there is in fact hope at the other end of the process—shoppers say the product has restored their hair to “the best it has ever been,” with one noting that they’ve witnessed “tremendous changes” with hair growth after a year of use. 

When you feel like you’ll try anything to stop hair loss things can get a little dark. Nothing works. I think this actually does,” shared one person. “I am three treatments in, so I have a way to go but I can literally actually feel a difference. I was ready to write this off with all the other stuff that doesn’t work. But for me, this is the first thing I have found that actually does something.”

Another raved that it’s well worth the money: “After just a couple of weeks my hair has stopped falling out and is feeling healthier…every time I combed my hair I swear I had more than the daily 40 hairs on my comb…I ordered Triphasic and I am quickly seeing my hair feeling and looking healthier again.”

For the best results, the brand recommends applying the serum once once a week for three months. Don’t rinse; simply massage it into the scalp before styling your hair as normal.

If nothing is giving you the luscious locks you deserve, consider giving the Rene Furturer Triphasic Reactional Concentrated Serum a go while it’s marked down by 20 percent. Make sure to check out other best-selling thinning hair care products.

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