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You know those hair product commercials that feature models with extremely thick and luscious locks with strands that are so shiny, they practically reflect? Those made me angry for a very long time. See, my hair is extremely coarse and it gets oily in what seems like 2.5 seconds after I wash it. I didn’t think it was ever possible to achieve those incredible looks myself, until I started using cleansing shampoos and thickening products that incorporate biotin into their ingredients list.

Ever since, I’ve seen (and felt) noticeable changes to my hair. For one, less of strands are coming out after I brush—even when my hair’s wet. Two, it takes a few days for my hair to get greasy, which is an absolute miracle in itself. And three, I’ve been able to achieve incredible blowout results just like the ones in those commercials.

Because of this, I keep a keen eye on different growth products out there, and recently found one that seems to check all of the boxes. It’s Klorane’s plant-based strengthening shampoo that’s specifically designed for thinning hair. The vitamin-rich haircare product is formulated with a mix of powerhouse vitamins and plant products, like quinine bark and edelweiss to cleanse and strengthen hair. The thickening agent is so affective that shoppers have called it a “game-changer” for their beauty routines.

“I’ve tried dozens of shampoos for thinning hair,” wrote one reviewer who said that after 6 weeks of consistent use, “my hair is healthier, fuller and stronger.”

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Klorane Strengthening Shampoo

Courtesy: Klorane.

This kind of reaction is common for users—according to a consumer trial carried out by the brand, after 12 applications of this shampoo, 84% of participants reported that their hair “had restored strength and vitality.” They also noted a significant decrease in the “number of broken hairs.” And, as most people who are obsessed with hair thickening know, keeping the hair your already have in place and in one full strand is crucial to a a fuller appearance.

“My hair feels stronger and am not seeing larger amounts coming out in my hair brush like it did prior to using this shampoo,” one reviewer wrote. Another said that after noticing their hair grow thin postpartum, this product has helped prevent strands from breaking off.

Another benefit is the product’s ability to heal and practically reverse the damage of color or heat-treated locks.

“I just had my hair highlighted and my colorist commented that my hair was feeling much thicker, like it did pre-menopause. She pulled my wet hair into a ponytail and had me grab onto it and sure enough…thick again,” wrote one reviewer who said that, thanks to this shampoo, they finally “have my glorious locks back.”

Make sure to grab a bottle right now during Klorane’s Friends & Family sale, where everything is 25 percent off with the code STOCKUP.

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