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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the biggest TikTokers, now’s your chance. Superstars Trevi Moran, Chris Olsen, Brittany Broski, Drew Afualo, Dana Isabelle and Cherry are starring in Smashbox’s new TikTok series, “Prime Time TV: 5 Seconds to Great Skin!” You’ll be able to watch funny, sweet and informative interviews about everything from skincare to addiction and dealing with internet hate. Because we’re all well-rounded people, right?

The first episode is out now, in which Moran interviews Olsen about his favorite Smashbox primer (he likes Photo Finish Illuminate Glow Primer) and creating content he loves. You can watch the clips on TikTok and the longer interview on YouTube. We caught up with the stars of the series to find out more behind the scenes.

“I’ve always been really intrigued by skincare and makeup,” Olsen says. “I’ve been really into the beauty communities on social media, so this is definitely a dream come true.” He’s not a full-glam beauty boy, though. He likes to keep it simple with a hydrating sunscreen. “I love watching people be really good at makeup,” he says. “I personally am not good. I would love to be good.” He talks to his friend Moran (who is very good at makeup) about diving into beauty and being sober for five years.

Moran, who is also sober, is excited to have these deeper convos with creators from all different communities. “We’re not just sticking to people who are solely beauty creators, we’re just tapping into different demographics,” she says. “I’m just very grateful that they chose me and they believe in me to be able to host this whole damn thing because if I was not sober, they definitely wouldn’t trust me.” She even put these feelings into a song (yes, she’s a singer, too!): “Too Hot to be This Hungover.”


👏 PRIME TIME TV PREMIERE IS HERE 👏 @trevimoran with the hard-hitting questions. @chris with the chaos. Catch the extended cut on Smashbox YouTube 😉 link in bio  #5secondskin #faceprimer #skinprimer

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In the next few weeks, you’ll see interviews from the other TikTok stars, such as Dana Isabelle. She’s known for her haircare expertise so she’ll be diving deep into hair, her modeling experience, even some childhood trauma. Girl is getting real.  But she’ll also talk skincare too, because she’s passionate about keeping her skin hydrated and healthy, with products like Tower 28’s SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray ($28 at Sephora), Experiment Super Saturated ($28 at Experiment) and Dieux Deliverance ($69 at Dieux).


One thing about me, I’m a mfin star btch ⭐️!!!!!!! Exciting secret project w @smashboxcosmetics is loading 📞✨ #plussizemodel #curvemodel #beautysciencewithdana

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When it comes to Drew Afualo, folks want to hear how she comes up with the truly perfect comebacks to obnoxious men online, in addition to how she gets her skin so great (“multiple serums and oils to help with hydration.”) Dealing with trolls has been part of her platform since she started TikTok. She’s not slowing down but she is getting more choosy about who she pushes back against. “I think I’ve just been a lot more selective about who I choose to stitch now just because, shocker, they’re not very smart,” she says. “They kind of circle the same three or four jokes… It’s also just validated my belief that men will be openly terrible if you let them.”



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The hilarious Brittany Broski shows a different side of herself in the series. Of course, her humor is still there — it can’t not be — but she’s also giving the details about her skin and makeup routines, like the fact that she’s been using Smashbox primer since high school. “I used the original primer and then I did Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and I was the prettiest woman,” she says. Now, she goes for the Photo Finish Correct Anti-Redness Primer ($42 at Ulta Beauty) before makeup. As for skincare, she’s a Tatcha girl. “It’s the first line a full [line] actually worked for me,” she said.


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We can’t wait for you to meet the adorable Cherry and see her makeup that continues to slay throughout her video. She talks skincare, too. “My routine is pretty basic now because growing up I used to just think that I needed a million products in order to achieve clear skin,” she says. “I was just in a vicious cycle buying more products breaking out more.” How relatable!


@smashboxstudios thank you thank you for having me on set!! i had such a blast i love my Smashbox family to pieces 🥹❤️❤️ you can see more Game Show content on @smashboxcosmetics TikTok! #5SecondSkin #SmashboxPartner

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Head over to Smashbox’s YouTube to watch the rest of the series.

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