Nothing can stop you from soaking up these magical final glimmers of summer, as your Cancer horoscope for September 2023 brings lots of social time and fun. An interesting conversation awaits you at every turn, dear crab!

Unfortunately, because Mercury is retrograde for the first half of the month, it’s all too easy to run into a foot-in-mouth moment or awkward misunderstanding. Be thoughtful about your words and double-check those texts and emails before sending anything off. After all, Mercury will be retrograding through your third house of communication and close friends, which can lead to awkwardness and judgmental energy in your friend-group. What needs changing in your social interactions and dynamics?

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The new moon in Virgo on September 14 rises in your communication sector, so you’re buzzing with dreamy new ideas and having all sorts of emotionally-stimulating conversations. It’s a great time to write some poetry or just journal through your emotions. You’ll find that words flow much more easily after the new moon peaks, as Mercury retrograde ends the very next day. That said, the latter half of the month is a fantastic time to catch up on any correspondence that got tossed to the wayside during the retrograde. Virgo season is all about organization, after all!

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Once the autumn equinox rolls around on September 23, it’s time to embrace your chill and get cozy. With the sun in Libra joining Mars in your home and family sector, the coming month is a time to lean into your domestic side and take care of any matters in your private life that are disrupting your ability to relax. However, your career gets a boost at the end of the month too, as the full moon in Aries lights up your public-facing tenth house. Find a balance between your work life and your private responsibilities. Remember, you need a solid foundation beneath your feet if you want to rise to the top professionally.