I’ve raved about Liquid I.V. before, and I’m here to do it again. Basically, it’s an adult way to stay hydrated, and the single-use electrolyte drink mix packets are easy to keep in your purse, carry-on, or backpack. When you need a hydration boost, you simply empty the mix into water, and voila.

I’ve been traveling like crazy recently, and the first thing I do when I’m about to board a flight is buy a water and empty one of these babies into it. It’s the easiest way to stay hydrated on long flights where you might not be able to guzzle as much water as you normally do. For me, staying hydrated usually makes a difference in picking up a cold as I travel, and there’s definitely science to back that up. And now that I’m home and planning to stay put for a while, I’ve been using it to refuel after sweaty workouts (hi Barry’s Bootcamp!) and recover the mornings after I’ve had late-night cocktails at my favorite neighborhood bar.

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White Peach Liquid I.V. Sugar-Free

Even though I’ve been using Liquid I.V. for years, I’ve never been a fan of drinking sugar. I feel like I can literally taste it in so many food and drinks, and I have such an aversion to it. Thankfully, Liquid I.V. dropped its new zero sugar line that’s sweetened with stevia leaf extract, and I couldn’t be happier. The three sugar-free flavors include white peach, lemon-lime (my favorite), and green grape. It’s also completely vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

So how does a hydration multiplier work exactly? Long story short, it adds electrolytes and other healthy ingredients to your water that help you stave off and quell thirst. Electrolytes are essentially just minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium that help your body absorb water where it needs it most. Of course, sipping on water throughout the day is great, but need to be ingesting electrolytes to stay hydrated — especially if you’re spending extended time in the sun, working out for longer than 90 minutes, nursing a hangover, or visiting a place with high altitudes.

Lemon Lime Liquid I.V. Sugar-Free

Since Liquid I.V. also contains vitamins C, B6, and B12, it’ll help your body recover from dehydration faster and is just overall a great idea to maintain wellness. (Make sure to chat with your doctor before trying any supplements or hydration multipliers if you’re concerned that it might interact with any other medications you’re taking.)

I recently used it after a 50-minute HIIT workout class and didn’t get that completely drained feeling that I generally do by the time I finally made it home to shower. I felt consistently energized from the time I finished my class to later on in the day when it was time to wind down. It also saved me when I had to be up for a 9 AM meeting after a late night of cocktail sipping.

TLDR; it’ll be so helpful to keep a few of these Liquid I.V. packs in your purse so you can use them whenever, wherever. (Or better yet, subscribe and save so you never run out!) You never know when a last-minute weekend trip is in order or a night when you’re up all night dancing and sweating will pop up. Trust me, this is about to be your essential sugar-free sidekick.