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Not to be dramatic here, but it feels like stubborn pimples have a knack for popping up (and staying put) at literally the worst possible moments. Acne has been there with me through every single event I didn’t want them to attend, from prom night and college parties to first dates and important meetings. Yes, I know you’re probably chanting, “Pop them!” at me, but unfortunately, these aren’t the kind that goes away with just a lil’ non-dermatologist-recommended squeeze.

When I break out, I get single pimples without a head that are deep, painful, and red. Though I like to call them ‘the bain of my existence,’ the technical name for these suckers are blind pimples. These types of cystic acne zits form underneath the surface of the skin, often causing pain and inflammation as the blocked pore is unable to release its gunk. I wrote off all pimple patches as being ineffective for these types of pimples until I found Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes
 on Amazon’s beauty hub.

mighty patch micropoint pimple treatment

Hero Cosmetics

Like the savvy shopper I am, I used my Prime membership (which you can get a free 30-day trial of) to receive quick shipping on the patches and get rid of these pimples ASAP. The next night, I had them in hand, ready to apply after thoroughly washing my face. All I had to do was center the patch on my pimple, pressing the product down on the spot for 15 seconds. Right away, I noticed that the Mighty Patch didn’t feel like the OG, smooth surface ones. The texture of this one felt slightly spikey thanks to the 395 micro points that work to penetrate your skin and deliver a dose of pore-unplugging salicylic acid and calming niacinamide and willow bark. Though the thought of spikey points on your face may scare you, I promise you that the patches felt extremely gentle on my skin, and the process was absolutely painless.

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After six to eight hours, I carefully removed the Mighty Patch
, flipping it over to see that it had soaked up a significant amount of acne goo. Don’t get me wrong — the blind pimple was still there, but it had shrunk in half and looked less irritated. That painful clogged feeling had vanished, and I felt comfortable enough to apply concealer on the spot without feeling any pain. As recommended, I applied a second patch after two days s had gone by. On the second go around, the pimple disappeared entirely. Since blind pimples typically take over a week and a half to heal on my face, I was extremely impressed with my three-day patch process results.

Now, I’m not a mathematician, but when you divide $12 among the eight patches that come in the box, each patch comes out to about $1.50. If you’re like me and consider getting rid of painful, stubborn acne to be priceless, then Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes
is the super affordable remedy you’ve been waiting for.
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