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Your skin might start wreaking havoc when it’s that time of the month, which is completely normal (unfortunately). You can’t just alter your hormones to stop acne from cropping up on your face; however, you can apply products that are meant to calm inflammation, improve breakouts, reduce the look of pores and even skin tone and texture. Enter: the Period Faace Mask

You heard that right—there’s a face mask specifically formulated for those who are on their periods. When you just can’t control what’s going on inside of your body and how it affects your skin, reach for this gel face mask that does all of the above. Apply it before, during and after your cycle to stick it to your irritated, temperamental skin. 

Keep your complexion clean and clear thanks to this formula’s all-star lineup of ingredients. You can’t have a hydrating face mask without incorporating hyaluronic acid, now can you? This ingredient locks in moisture, which is key to keeping your skin happy. Additionally, green tea is a great anti-inflammatory (perfect for hormonal acne), while lavender balances the skin and zinc and clary defend against potential breakouts. White willow contains salicin, which comes from salicylic acid, and we all know how amazing this ingredient is for minimizing the appearance of pores and evening skin tone and texture. 

Don’t let hormonal acne harsh your vibe while you’re on your period. Thanks to the Period Faace Mask, it’s totally possible to have clean and clear skin during that time of the month! 

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Period Faace Mask Faace Beauty

Photo: Faace Beauty.

One five-star shopper raved, “Period Faace Mask is the best thing I have ever put on my face! Smells amazing and really does what it says on the bottle.” 

The best part about this product is that you can apply it before, during and after your period. Swipe on a thin layer to prime your face or a thick layer for use as a leave-on mask. Does your face need even more T.L.C.? Put on a thick layer for 20 minutes or even overnight for best results. Your skin will soak up all the goodness of this face mask and look and feel so much better afterward.

Plus, ordering a tube of this gel mask will give you a whopping 40 uses, which is a lot considering this product is mainly for use during one week of each month. You’ll also get free hair clips with your purchase, and part of the sales of this mask will go towards donating a pack of sanitary products to those in need.

Say goodbye to sensitive, irritated, inflamed skin during your period and say hello to soothed, clear, smooth skin instead. Your period’s got nothing on your complexion when you apply this acne-fighting face mask.

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