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If you’re a regular gym-goer, you’re likely familiar with that not-so-pleasant feeling of your skin clogged up with dirt and oil. Sweating is only natural, but there’s a face mask you should know about that specifically caters to those who like to stay super active. 

Let us introduce you to Faace Beauty, a brand that creates face masks, treatments and cleansers that target very specific concerns. Don’t worry about the frills; the brand’s offerings don’t have any. Its formulas are simple yet effective, as well as organic, naturally derived, cruelty-free and vegan. This ticks off so many boxes when it comes to skincare that makes your skin both look and feel amazing.

You should know that Faace Beauty is beneficial for more than your skin, too. For every hero mask you purchase, the brand donates a pack of menstrual products to someone in need. In that case, you might want to load up on this mask ASAP.

On the site, you’ll find targeted products like a menopause-focused cream and a period-centric mask, but we’re here to highlight the Sweaty Faace Mask. Apply it before, during or after your sweat sesh—or, use it under your makeup as a primer if you have extra oily skin.

Why do you need such a specific face mask formula in your skincare routine, you might be wondering? Well, because not every face mask is built the same. Some are for people whose skin needs to be drenched in hydration, while others are for those whose skin craves a glowy look.

This one moisturizes, calms, tones and unclogs pores thanks to the vitamin C and antioxidants packed into the formula. When you’re out and about in the world, there will be plenty of things that can potentially trigger breakouts and buildup from external aggressors. This mask keeps all of the gunk under control after you’ve sweat buckets and when your face feels a bit aggravated and hot from exercising. 

Take it from a reviewer who found success with using this face mask. “I bought Sweaty [Faace] this time and it’s brilliant to use under makeup for a full day’s work,” the shopper wrote. “I don’t look like a sweaty mess! Win-win situation.”

Don’t let your skin problems pile up just because you like to stay active. Apply the Sweaty Faace Mask and watch your face turn from sweaty AF to cool, calm and collected—literally.

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Sweaty Faace Mask

Photo: Faace Beauty.

Other standout ingredients include argan oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E (together, they moisturize, calm and unclog). In addition, grapefruit gives your skin a much-needed dose of vitamin C and other beneficial antioxidants. Bergamot assists in keeping acne at bay and is especially great for those with sensitive skin. What’s more: lavender combats external aggressors, while galbanum tones.

If you’re wondering how the heck a face mask can also function as a primer, here’s how. Coat your face with a thin layer if you want to use it as a primer or as a lightweight leave-on mask. If your skin’s looking and feeling extra congested, swipe on a heavier mask for 20 minutes or even better, overnight. However you apply it, the mask is meant to sink into your skin—and fast.

If you try the Sweaty Faace Mask and want to explore the brand’s other incredible offerings, here are a couple of other options that are sure to make it into your regular rotation. 

Stress Faace

Photo: Faace Beauty.

Stress Faace 

Stress Faace is the brand’s newest launch and also its first-ever daily moisturizer. You’d never be able to guess this face cream is the first of its kind for the brand, and that’s because it contains an all-star cast of ingredients that reduces the impact of stress on your complexion. You can skip your facial or spa day when you’ve got this daily moisturizer in your arsenal. It revitalizes and soothes skin in just two hours, per the brand. Dullness, dryness, breakouts, dark spots and redness have got absolutely nothing on your complexion thanks to this face cream. 

Tired Faace Mask

Photo: Faace Beauty.

Tired Faace Mask 

If your face has been looking lackluster lately, a quick little gel mask will do the trick. Daily or weekly application of the Tired Faace Mask will have your skin glowy and bouncy in no time. It’s like hitting the reset button on dull skin.

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