If you have ever seen Japanese anime, you know how big of a craze the bob cut is. Remember those dreams of sporting a badass bob cut inspired by your favorite anime character? Make them a reality with these 25 stunning Japanese short bob hairstyles!

Let’s be honest, long hair may look amazing, but it is a pain to style, manage, and care for. You need a scheduled hair care routine to make sure your long tresses look on point. Also, if you get the wrong haircut, your long locks look terrible! The best option is to keep your hair short and flaunt your silky tresses in a classy bob cut. And the best part is whether you style your bob neatly or leave it messy, it is always show-stopping! So, scroll down and keep reading to check out our top picks.

Before You Get Started

  • Finer hair textures work better with Japanese short bob hairstyles as they make the hair appear thicker.
  • A short Japanese bob is much quicker to wash and condition and requires fewer hair products.
  • Unless you have perfectly obedient hair, this type of bob will take longer to dry and style.
  • You will need to make frequent salon appointments to maintain this look, especially if you have bangs or colored hair.
  • This bob cut suits faces with sharp jawlines and emphasizes the cheekbones.

1. Young And Free:

This chin-grazing short bob hairstyle is super playful and flattering. For those who want a chic yet low-maintenance version of a bob, give it a try. You can style it in various ways and even experiment with the parting to change the look. And the best part, it suits all face shapes and hair textures!

2. Rose Quartz:

Need a fun and feminine short bob hairstyle inspired by your favorite anime character? This dreamy rose pink look might be perfect for you. The short bob hairstyle has blunt bangs and is ideal for oval faces. Also, when opting for such bright colors, follow proper hair care practices to maintain the hue for longer.

3. Peekaboo Bob:

Sick and tired of basic browns but do not want a high-maintenance color? The peekaboo highlight trend is here to save your day. The turquoise peekaboo highlights add an extra pop of color to the natural dark hair and create a surprising contrast.

4. Purple Warrior:

This sleek, blunt bob in purple looks regal! Known as Murasaki in Japan, this color is just starting to take over the fashion world. The sleek asymmetrical bangs soften the face and highlight the eyes. This hairstyle is perfect for oblong faces.

5. Pixie Bob:

Flaunt your unique and one-of-a-kind personality with this freestyle tousled pixie bob hairstyle. You will never need to straighten your naturally wavy hair for it. The choppy bangs add texture to the hair and give an ultimate sassy and modern look.

6. Platinum Ombre Bob:

Here’s another off-beat anime/manga-inspired hairstyle! It’s picture-perfect and not for the faint-hearted, as the color is high-maintenance. The sleek hair gives the bob a neat, round shape, and the slightly tapered sides add movement. This cut accentuates the volume bob haircuts are known for.

7. The Icy Queen:

This ice-blue hairstyle will fit you if you have a cool undertone and finer hair. Adorned by various manga and anime characters, this cut is a win-win Japanese bob variant. Whether it’s in your wardrobe or on your hair, nothing says ‘chic’ like this stunning shade of blue.

8. A Hint Of Bowl:

With a hint of the popular bowl cut, this messy short bob hairstyle is ideal for a fiercely feminine look. The wispy bangs and the tapered layers add dimension and movement to the hair. This modern, edgy bob variation is easy to maintain and looks adorable. Women with thin hair can opt for this style for added texture.

9. Milk Tea Bob:

Who would’ve thought you could choose your favorite sweet refreshment to describe a trendy hairstyle? Yes, that’s right! Milk tea hairstyles have been a massive trend in all parts of Japan. This short bob cut features a creamy beige undertone and is ideal for people with warm undertones.

10. Spring Queen:

A fun, vibrant Japanese short bob that can brighten your mood! This funky anime-inspired hairstyle is a picturesque spring look. Shades of pink go well with most skin tones and depict a warm, feminine, flirty, and caring personality. Opt for this style and show that you’re into taking risks.

11. Snow White:

What can enhance the charm of a pure and simple white look if not an edgy short bob? The sharp and choppy ends make the hair color more dramatic and outstanding. The eye-grazing bangs make this cut perfect for round and oval face shapes.

12. Shades Of Purple:

Opt for this funky choppy bob, and give a textured appearance to your otherwise flat and dull hair. If you can’t choose a shade of purple for your next Japanese short bob haircut, try this daring unicorn color blend. The look will suit fair to medium skin tones.

13. Wavy Bob With Baby Bangs:

All naturally wavy and curly-haired ladies can opt for this short bob hairstyle. The baby bangs add charm to your face and visually elongate it. The length is ideal for managing and maintaining the curls, and the layers add volume and life to them. Go for this trendy look and let your natural curls shine!

14. Skunk Stripe Bob:

This sharp, angular bob hairstyle features the skunk-inspired white stripe on one side of the head. The undercut and long front layers add a twist to the regular inverted bobs. And the contrasting colors make it super edgy. This style is perfect for those wanting a little drama.

15. Sun-Kissed:

This drool-worthy melting brown Japanese bob has us dreaming of sunlight and sandy beaches. The stacked inverted bob is stylish and layered to make it appear voluminous. The incredibly flattering shade of sunny brown hair color demonstrates suave sophistication. Choose this look, and give your hair the natural angularity that doesn’t need much styling.

16. Red Raven Hairstyle:

This lustrous haircut gives a sleek look and the bob falls softly, with the rounds and the layers tapering towards the edges. Since the bangs are missing, it gives a simple and subtle look.

17. Creamy Cut Hairstyle:

The rear portion of the hair falls just above the shoulders and the hair slides down gently towards the front. The subtle curves are highlighted through the big bangs and the layers are reduced to slope well.

Stylecraze Says

The creamy cut hairstyle suits people with round, diamond, and oval face shapes.

18. Chocolate Delight Hairstyle:

Now what do we say about the Chocolate Delight hairstyle? This Japanese bob haircut gives lustre to the hair with layers,from the back, blending beautifully with the long layers in the front. The layers in the front fall towards the jaws and a voluminous look is attained through the short layers.

19. Short Whispers Hairstyle:

The hair remains parallel to the chin and the bangs fall like feather over the forehead. This hairstyle gives an airy feeling because all the layers are spaced so well and there is a proper blend.

20. Short Wavy Hairstyle:

A lot of feathery layers make the haircut look subtle and the layers fall just above the chin, giving a wavy texture. This haircut is suitable for people who do not want to go for bangs.

Stylecraze Says

You may try this short wavy hairstyle if you want to make your hair look more voluminous. The feathered layers can give it a thicker appearance.

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21. Sleek And Smooth Hairstyle:

This Japanese bob hairstyle displays a strong character! A dense layer of hair fall till the eyes and the hair frames the face beautifully. A sleek look and an adventurous statement can be made by adding bold highlights.

22. Vampress Hairstyle:

The layers are slightly tapered and the length is even all around. The layers are slightly longer towards the shoulders and the chin. The hairstyle can work on any face making it look strong yet feminine!

23. Berry Bob Hairstyle:

Adding color to the hair creates a great impact to a hairstyle. To attain an attractive and flattering look, the bangs can be highlighted with the color of choice. The unsharpened bangs can give a perfect shape to the hairstyle. This is apt for girls with thin hair.

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24. Platinum Ice Hairstyle:

This hairstyle suits people with blonde hair and can make hair look straighter. This hairstyle is quite short at the back and is a little longer in the front. The length of the hair is an inch lower than the chin.

25. Asymmetrical Haircut:

Asymmetrical haircut looks very smart and defines a charismatic personality. The length of the layers is long towards one side of the head, falling below the face and touching the neck. On the other side the length is very short and is till the ear lobes. A very adventurous and cute Japanese bob hairstyle indeed!

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Are you thinking of getting a Japanese short bob hairstyle? A short bob is a highly finished hairstyle and looks sweet. It suits all face shapes, including circular, square, and oval face shapes, whether it has soft, bouncy curls or dazzling hues. Japanese bob styles emphasize natural sweetness, unlike Korean ones. So if you want to be a punk girl, make yourself look younger, or give your child a fresh look at school, don’t be scared to attempt a Japanese bob style today. I hope we have covered the list of top Japanese short bob hairstyles and may find one that you might like to try on your own.

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