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I’m very particular when it comes to lip balm. I usually stay faithful to one brand at a time, whether it’s a handmade stick from a farmer’s market in Ithaca, New York or a celeb-loved formula that you can find at any drugstore. Whenever I’ve strayed away from my ride-or-die lip products, my lips have felt dry and irritated. But I decided to give Tower 28 Beauty’s new JuiceBalm a go because Hailey Bieber loves the brand and I’ve been on the hunt for a trusty tinted balm.

The JuiceBalm Tinted Lip Balm literally just launched and comes in four shades that leave behind a vibrant layer of color. And to my surprise, they don’t dry out my lips at all. Now, that’s worth talking about. JuiceBalm tints your lips and simultaneously hydrates them thanks to the shea butter and marula oil that’s packed into the formula. Shea butter hydrates and soothes, while marula oil moisturizes and softens. These are all words you want to hear when buying a lip balm.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been searching for a tinted lip balm that could keep my lips hydrated and add a touch of color. I can confirm that I’ve found what I was looking for in the JuiceBalm. The formula is not sticky, doesn’t get crusty after 10 minutes and doesn’t come off in mere seconds. Instead, it’s lightweight, it glides on smoothly and I don’t find myself reapplying 24/7.

Tower 28 Beauty JuiceBalm Sephora

Photo: Tower 28 Beauty.

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The second time I applied this tinted lip balm, I accidentally snoozed off for an hour. When I woke up, I smacked my lips together and realized the lip balm stayed put, still felt hydrating and the color looked as though I had just applied a fresh layer. I was so surprised that the JuiceBalm endured a whole middle-of-the-evening impromptu nap. That’s when I knew this product belonged next to my beloved Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment (which Mrs. Bieber also can’t get enough of). In fact, I often wear them together—though JuiceBalm still works great alone. 

Now you might be wondering about the shade selection. While I don’t typically reach for bright hues, I tried on each shade and could see myself wearing all of them. My everyday go-to is Shake, a berry pink, while the one closest to my natural lip color is Mix, a sheer nude. Although the other two shades are a lot bolder since they’re not sheer, they’re still totally wearable. These would be Drink, a berry hue, and Squeeze, a coral tone.

The brand kindly sent over all four for me to try, so I love that I have two more subtle shades that I can apply on the daily and two more vibrant colors that I could swipe on for special occasions or when I’m feeling extra bold. 

Add a juicy, hydrating pop of color to your pout with the new JuiceBalm from Tower 28 Beauty. And if you want to explore the brand even more, here are two Hailey Bieber-approved products to try.

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