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If you’re a member of Bachelor Nation, you may want to know how to watch The Bachelorette 2023 live online for free to see who Charity Lawson chooses on The Bachelorette Season 20.

The Bachelor franchise premiered on ABC in March 2002 with businessman Alex Michel as the first Bachelor. The show has since aired for 27 seasons and produced several spinoffs including The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart and The Bachelor Winter Games.The Bachelorette premiered on ABC on January 8, 2003, with lead Trista Rehn (now Sutter), the runner-up onThe Bachelor season 1. Since then, there have been more than 18 Bachelorettes, including fan-favorites like season season 12’s Kaitlyn Bristowe, season 13’s Rachel Lindsay and season 15’s Hannah Brown.

BOSTON, MA - JUNE 18: Gleyber Torres #25 of the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox during the seventh inning of game one of a doubleheader at Fenway Park on June 18, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images)

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The Bachelorette follows the same format as The Bachelor, which sees dozens of contestants compete for one single lead. Each week, the Bachelor or Bachelorette goes on dates with his or her contestants—either one-on-one or in groups—and decides which contestants give roses to (which allows them to move onto next week) and which to eliminate. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette follow this format until the final Rose Ceremony with the final two contestants, where the lead chooses one contestant to give their Final Rose to and one to send home. The Final Rose Ceremony also often sees the lead get engaged  his winner. A special titled “After the Final Rose” also airs after the finale, which sees the lead recap their season and update viewers on their relationship with their winner.

Since The Bachelor franchise’s premiere in 2002, Bachelor Nation  has seen dozens of Bachelors and contestants find love with each other. The Bachelorette Season 20 lead is Charity Lawson, a 27-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia. Charity was a contestant on The Bachelor Season 27 with Zach Shallcross, where she came in fourth place. So where can fans stream The Bachelorette Season 20? Read on for how to watch The Bachelorette 2023 live online for free to see who wins Charity’s season.

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Books.

When does The Bachelorette 2023 air?

The Bachelorette Season 20 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

How to watch The Bachelorette 2023 live online

How can fans watch The Bachelorette 2023 live online? The Bachelorette Season 20 airs on ABC, which is available to stream on services like Hulu+ With Live TV and Fubo TV. Fubo TV costs $64.99 per month, while Hulu+ With Live TV costs $69.99 per month and also comes with free subscriptions to Disney Plus (a value of $7.99 per month) and ESPN Plus (a value of $6.99 per month.) The Bachelor is also available to stream on Hulu, which costs $6.99 per month for its ad-supported plan and $12.99 per month for its ad-free plan, the day after it airs.

How to watch The Bachelorette 2023 live online for free

How can one watch The Bachelorette 2023 live online for free? Read on for our tips and tricks to stream The Bachelor season 20 for little to no cost.

The best way to watch The Bachelorette online for free is with Fubo TV’s free trial. Fubo TV offers a seven-day free trial. Along with NBC,  Fubo TV offers more than 100 channels, including ABC, CNN and CBS, at least 250 hour of DVR and a streaming library with hundreds of hours of TV shows and movies. After the free trial ends, Fubo TV costs $69.99 per month, so be sure to cancel it before you’re charged.

Hulu is the most affordable option to watch The Bachelorette if you can wait a day. The service offers a seven-day free trial and upload new episodes of ABC shows, including The Bachelorette, less than 24 hours after they air live. Though you can’t watch episodes live (unless you subscribe to Hulu+ With Live TV), Hulu—which offers more than 1650 TV shows and 2,500 movies along with The Bachelorette—starts at $6.99 per month for its basic subscription with ads. It’s ad-fee plan costs $12.99 per month. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial, so users can test it out before committing to a subscription.

If you’re a Verizon customer (or know someone who is), there is another free option. For a limited time, customers with unlimited plans, such as Get More Unlimited and Play More Unlimited, have access to Verizon’s complimentary The Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN. Disney+ and ESPN are nice, but Hulu is the real reward here to watch The Bachelorette online for free. So how do you claim your free Hulu subscription? Well, Verizon has a FAQ here that explains the steps a Verizon customer needs to take to access Disney+ for free, but here’s the gist: Go to My Verizon site or the My Verizon App. In the app, go to the Plans & Devices page and click Explore Adds. On the site, choose Account on the top menu and click Add Ons & Apps. There, customers will be able to choose The Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN. After choosing the bundle, click Get It Now. Enter the email address you want to use for your subscriptions, check your email for confirmation and voila.

Who is The Bachelorette 2023, Charity Lawson?

Charity Lawson - The Bachelorette 2023

Who is the next Bachelorette for 2023? The season 20 Bachelorette is Charity Lawson, a contestant from The Bachelor season 27 with Zach Shallcross, who came in fourth place after she was eliminated by Zach after their Hometown Date. Charity is the fourth Black Bachelorette in Bachelor Nation history after Rachel Lindsay (season 13); Tayshia Adams (season 16) and Michelle Young (season 18). 

Charity was announced as the next Bachelorette for 2023 at The Bachelor season 27 “Women Tell All” special on March 15, 2023. “Stop! Is this for real? “No way! Oh my god, I’m gonna cry.” Charity asked host Jesse Palmer when he offered her the opportunity to be the season 20 Bachelorette. Palmer responded, “Is that a yes? Will you do it?” to which Charity replied, “Absolutely! 100 percent!” She continued, “I’ve waited forever to find the love of my life. It blows my mind that I could meet my person and be engaged and literally have my happily ever after.”

Before Charity was announced as the next Bachelorette for 2023, Zach confirmed his support for Charity as the new lead in an interview with Us Weekly in March 2023. “She knows what she wants. She is so confident, she’s so sweet and, you know, she has a great heart,” Zach said. “She’s someone from the very beginning that—I don’t know what exactly it was—but [she] was just trustworthy. She was someone that I asked to, like, get her take on things and while there was some drama in the house early, she was always someone that I believed in [and] I trusted it too. She’s a very trustworthy person and I think she would absolutely kill it as Bachelorette.”

Palmer also supported Charity as the next Bachelorette. “I think she’d be awesome,” he said, adding that he “totally gets” why so many fans wanted Charity to be the new lead. He continued, “It’s hard because I feel like in past seasons we’ve had an obvious choice, like, two, maybe three [choices]. I feel like this season, there’s five or six that could be tremendous. So I’d love to know who it is and whoever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing season.”

Aly Jacobs, who came in eighth place The Bachelor season 27, also voted Charity as the next Bachelorette. “I would definitely say Charity. That’s my girl. I think everyone got to see a little taste of how protective some of us are over Charity when we were in Estonia,” Aly told Us Weekly, referring to when Kat Izzo snuck time with Zach before charity’s one-on-one date. “She’s a gem. She’s so cool, calm and collected. She’s very level-headed and I think, she would have just the best love story, something that I would want to tune into. So, definitely Charity.”

Brooklyn Willie, who came in sixth place on The Bachelor season 27, also voiced her support for Charity as the next Bachelorette. “If it can’t be me, then I want it to be Charity,” she said. “Charity has been my best friend through the whole thing. I think she is incredible. She’s very intelligent, she’s beautiful. She knows what she wants. This previous season, she’s just had so many moments taken from her. I want to see her get her moment to the full capacity, the full extent, and just absorb every last minute.”

Cat Wong, who was eliminated in week two on The Bachelor season 27, told Us Weekly, “I would a hundred percent nominate Charity. I think Charity would just be the best thing for this franchise that they need. She’s so in tune with her emotions and she carries her so well in group settings and individually, but also was, like, fun and light-hearted and just is the whole package. And I think that that’s something very refreshing to see — that a beautiful woman can also have all these amazing intellectual qualities too.”

Kylee Russell, who was eliminated in week five on The Bachelor season 27, also confirmed she was Team Charity as the next Bachelorette. “I am Team Charity. And she was my girl from night one,” Kylee told Us Weekly. “I think she’s so deserving. She deserves everything and more this world has to offer. … She’s a little feisty. She is not afraid to go after what she wants. So she has this calm, sweet demeanor and don’t get me wrong, she’s not a mean girl or anything, but she will stand up for what she believes in.”

So who is the Bachelorette for 2023, Charity Lawson? Charity is a 27-year-old from Columbus, Georgia, who now lives in Auburn, Alabama. Her Instagram handle is @charitylawson. “my best kept secret is out.. if you didn’t know, well now you do. 🫶🏾 Tune into the @bachelorabc January 23rd @ 8PM EST,” she captioned an Instagram post of her Bachelor headshot in January 2023, announcing she was on Zach’s season.

Charity listed her job on The Bachelor as a “Child and Family Therapist.” According to her Linkedin, she’s worked as a Child Advocacy Center Therapist at Tri-County CAC since July 2021. Before that, she worked as a Special Education Aide at Muscoee County School District. She graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Disability in 2018. She also earned a Master of Education and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Auburn University in May 2022.

Read Charity’s Bachelor 2023 biography and fun facts ahead:

“It’s easy to see what makes Charity such a great catch! With a smile that lights up the room, a great career and a sweet personality to match, Charity is the total package! The Georgia beauty takes her name as a call to love and care for people and has built her life on that purpose. Charity is a mental health therapist and is extremely passionate about helping people live their best lives. Now, she is ready to receive the love she gives to so many others! Charity hopes her future husband is honest, loyal and shares similar morals. She says she is really excited to meet Zach and thinks the two of them could be a perfect match on paper. Time will tell if they’re also a perfect match in person!

Fun Facts:
• Charity’s all-time favorite movie is ‘The Notebook.’
• Charity wants to move to Walt Disney World one day.
• Charity throws a mean axe.”

In an interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show in May 2023, Charity opened up about what it was like to be one of Bachelor Nation’s few Black Bachelorettes after Season 13’s Rachel Lindsay, Season 16’s Tayshia Adams, and Season 18’s Michelle Young. “It’s huge. This puts me in the position of being the fourth woman of color to hold this role and the second monoracial African American woman to have the opportunity to find love. I notice and acknowledge that this is so much bigger than myself. It is my journey to love, but it’s bigger than me,” she said. 

She continued, “I am just honored to be able to hold that representation for other people at home that look like me, women of color. Like the little girls that can look to me and acknowledge that this is something that’s possible for them too.”

She also told host Jennifer Hudson about what she was looking for in a husband. “There are a few traits I definitely know that I need after going through past relationships,” she said. “I need someone who is confident and is sure of what they want, so we’re not playing games. I want someone  who is funny. A sense of humor is really important. And I want someone who is authentic. I want someone who is themselves and they don’t feel a need to put on a façade. I want the true, real you. Those are the top three things, I think!”

Charity also told Parade in June 2023 about how her breakup with Zach affected her approach on The Bachelorette Season 20. “I learned authenticity,” she said. “Me staying true to myself got me to a certain point and carried me pretty far and so, I really just wanted that to continue to shine through as the lead when meeting all these guys and giving them the space to be expressive of their emotions and meeting them with compassion because that’s exactly what Zach and his approach was with us [bachelorettes]. I was very aware of that and obviously, knowing what it’s like being a contestant, I wanted the same.”

Who is in The Bachelorette 2023 cast?

The Bachelorette 2023 Cast

Who’s in The Bachelorette 2023 cast? See below for a full list of the 25 contestants on The Bachelorette Season 20.

  • Aaron Bryant, 29, Katy, Texas — Software Salesman
  • Aaron Schwartzman, 33, Fremont, California — Firefighter
  • Adrian Hassan, 33, North Hills, California — Realtor
  • Brayden Bowers, 24, Murrieta, California — Travel Nurse
  • Caleb Arthur, 29, Kentwood, Michigan — Resident Physician
  • Caleb Balgaard, 24, Fenton, Michigan — Pro Wrestler
  • Chris Spell, 27, White Plains, New York — World Record Jumper
  • Dotun Olubeko, 30, Fresno, California — Integrative Medicine Specialist
  • James Pierce, 28, Brownsburg, Indiana — Attorney
  • Joe Menzia, 32, Ramsey, Minnesota — Tech Operations Director
  • Joey Graziadei, 27, Koloa, Hawaii — Tennis Pro
  • John Buresh, 27, Excelsior, Minnesota — Data Scientist
  • John Henry Spurlock, 30, Virginia Beach, Virginia — Underwater Welder
  • Josh Young, 28, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — Harvard Grad Student
  • Kaleb Kim, 26, Norcross, Georgia — Construction Salesman
  • Khalid Hassan, 28, Dearborn, Michigan — Tech Recruiter
  • Michael Barbour, 29, South Holland, Illinois — Yacht Captain
  • Nicholas “Nic” Barber, 32, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey — HR Executive
  • Peter Cappio, 33, Armonk, New York — Airline Pilot
  • Sean McLaughlin, 25, Troy, New York — Software Sales Rep
  • Spencer Storbeck, 31, Moorpark, California — Medical Sales Director
  • Tanner Courtad, 30, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Mortgage Lender
  • Taylor Pegg, 32, Beavercreek, Ohio — Loan Officer
  • Warwick Reider, 27, Nashville, Tennessee — Construction Manager
  • Xavier Bonner, 27, Euclid, Ohio — Biomedical Scientist  

Who is The Bachelorette 2023 host?

Jesse Palmer,
Image: ABC/John Fleenor.ABC.

Who is The Bachelorette 2023 host? The Bachelorette Season 20 host is Jesse Palmer, who was the season 5 Bachelor in 2004 and was the youngest Bachelor in Bachelor Nation history at 24 years old. Jesse hosted his first Bachelor franchise show in 2022 with The Bachelor season 26 with Clayton Echard. During The Bachelor season 5 finale, Jesse gave his Final Rose to Jessica Bowlin, but didn’t propose to her. Jesse and Jessica continued to date, but ended their relationship a few weeks after the finale of their Bachelor season aired. In June 2020, Jesse and his girlfriend, Emely Fardo, married in an intimate wedding in New York City. Jesse told Us Weekly in November 2021 that he and Emely planned to marry in Provence, France, before the current health crisis cancelled their wedding date. “We had originally planned a wedding in Provence, France, for summer 2020, which was postponed until summer of 2021 due to the pandemic, but we didn’t want to wait any longer,” he said at the time. “So, we had a small, private and intimate ceremony with close friends who lived in New York City.”

Jesse graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, where he played football for the Florida Gators, in 2001 with a bachelor’s of arts degree in political science and a bachelor’s of science degree in marketing. After graduation, Jesse was drafted by the National Football League to play for the New York Giants. He played with the team for four seasons from 2001 to 2005 as a quarterback. After the New York Giants, Jesse was drafted by the Canadian Football League to play for the Montreal Alouettes. He played with the team until 2005 when he was signed by the San Francisco 49ers. He then resigned with the Montreal Alouettes in 2006 before he retired from football in 2007 to pursue a broadcasting career. Since his broadcasting career started, Jesse has worked with networks like Fox, NFL Network, ESPN, ABC and SEC Network. He’s also guest starred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and made guest appearances on shows like Recipe to Riches and Good Morning America, and hosted the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship and Holiday Baking Championship.

Jesse was announced as The Bachelor season 26 host in September 2021. “For more than 20 years, The Bachelor has brought the world dozens of unforgettable love stories, including at one time, my own,” he said at the time. “Falling in love is one of life’s greatest gifts, and I am humbled by the opportunity to return to the show as host this season to offer the newest Bachelor advice gained from firsthand experience and I am grateful to play a small part in his journey.” The announcement came after Chris Harrison, the former host of Bachelor Nation, confirmed in June 2021 that he had retired as the franchise’s host after 19 years. “I’ve had a truly incredible run as host of The Bachelor franchise and now I’m excited to start a new chapter,” he wrote in an Instagram post at the time. “I’m so grateful to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories we’ve made together. While my two-decade journey is wrapping up, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime.”

Deadline reported at the time that Chris received a mid-range, eight-figure settlement as part of exit plan with ABC, the network that airs the Bachelor franchise, and Warner Bros. Television, the company that produces the Bachelor shows. The magazine also reported that Harrison’s settlement included a nondisclosure agreement. Chris’ decision to retire as Bachelor Nation’s host came after he was slammed for his response to season 25 Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s racism scandal in February 2021. Rachael, the winner of Matt James’ season, faced backlash at the time when photos resurfaced of her at an Old South Antebellum-themed party at Georgia College in 2018. Before the pictures went viral, Rachael was already under controversy after her former high school classmate accused her on TikTok of bullying her and other students for dating Black men. Other TikTok users then exposed Rachael for liking social media photos of her friends in culturally insensitive costumes and with Confederate flags.

Chris came under controversy after he was interviewed about the scandal by season 13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on Extra. During the interview, Chris asked fans to give Rachael “grace” and explained that he didn’t find the Antebellum party photos offensive because they just looked like pictures a college student takes at a party. Harrison also questioned whether the photos would be considered racially insensitive in 2018 when they were taken. After the interview, many fans slammed Harrison and accused him of excusing Rachael’s behavior.

ABC confirmed in March 2021 that Chris wouldn’t host season 17 of The Bachelorette and would be replaced by Tayshia and Kaitlyn. “Chris Harrison will not be hosting the next season of The Bachelorette,” ABC said in a statement at the time. “We support Chris in the work that he is committed to doing. In his absence, former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe will support the new Bachelorette through next season. As we continue the dialogue around achieving greater equity and inclusion within The Bachelor franchise, we are dedicated to improving the BIPOC representation of our crew, including among the executive producer ranks. These are important steps in effecting fundamental change so that our franchise is a celebration of love that is reflective of our world.” He officially retired as the Bachelor Nation’s host in June 2021.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC and is available to stream on Hulu. Here’s how to watch it for free.

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Books.

To get more of an inside scoop, check out Los Angeles Times writer Amy Kaufman’s book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure, for a deep dive into the Bachelor franchise. The book uncovers the secrets of Bachelor Nation, from how much the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are paid to the rules contestants have to follow, that producers don’t want fans to know. It’s a must-read for any Bachelor Nation member.

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