It’s clear from the sea of hot pink that Barbie has taken over the world. Barbie’s influence on our culture has never faltered and it’s only been exacerbated by the highly anticipated Greta Gerwig film that’s due for release on July 21. However, most of us loved this iconic doll long before Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were called to portray the iconic Barbie & Ken. If you’re wondering which Barbie doll captures each zodiac sign the most, it’s probably because you’re a collector at heart.

BARBIE, Margot Robbie as Barbie, 2023

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The coolest thing about Barbie is that your childhood excitement wasn’t necessarily about Barbie herself, but the characters you created for Barbie in your own imagination. The joy came from directing scenarios for your dolls and immersing yourself in their pink-plastic world. And when you consider the astrology behind Barbie, it all makes sense.

Barbie’s official birthday is March 7, 1959, which makes her a Pisces. This empathetic, emotional, artistic, and creative zodiac sign captures Barbie’s flair for stepping into several different personalities and careers while cultivating a bright and eclectic wardrobe. She also embodies what it means to be a good friend, as Barbie would never let down someone she cares about. Pisces is the zodiac sign directly tied to our imaginations, which explains why Barbie has always opened the door to a brightly colored universe you never want to leave.

If you’ve always felt like a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world, here’s the iconic doll that captures your zodiac sign the most:

The Barbie Doll That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: You’re the Birthday Barbie

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, often associated with the birth of something new. Which doll exemplifies that more than the 2019 Birthday Barbie? Wearing a sparkly party dress that was featured in the 1994 Versace runway and a chic diamond choker, this Barbie is making an entrance by letting the world know that she’s special, desirable, and ready to take up space. However, like any passionate Aries, this Barbie also wants to hype you up, which is why she’s your go-to Barbie for everyone’s birthday gift. If you’re an Aries, you know you take birthdays very seriously.

Taurus: You’re the Totally Hair Barbie

Taurus is famous for its dedication to beauty and exquisite taste in fashion, as you’re literally ruled by luxurious Venus. If you were a child when the well-accessorized Totally Hair Barbie was released in 1992, you know you were obsessed with brushing her long crimped hair (and chopping it all off when you were feeling naughty). Let’s not forget Taurus is also associated with money and success! The Totally Hair Barbie is technically the most popular Barbie that has ever been released, making it an iconic—and highly profitable—hallmark in Mattel history.

Gemini: You’re the Day-to-Night Barbie

There is always two sides to a Gemini personality, as this mutable air sign represents the duality of life. The Day-to-Night Barbie captures that sentiment beautifully, as it represents the transformation that comes with changing out of your work clothes and putting on your party clothes. Originally released in 1985, this doll arrived in honor of the indelible mark women were leaving on a male-dominated workplace. And like any Gemini, she understands that the fastest way to go from professional mode to party mode is through an outfit change.

Cancer: You’re Malibu Barbie

The legendary Malibu Barbie is emblematic of everything it means to be a Cancer. This water sign lives and breathes on the beach, where the sand meets the water. Malibu Barbie was originally released in 1971, capturing the feel of heading to the beach and spending a sunny, carefree day with your best friends. Malibu Barbie is here to relax with her loved ones and immerse herself in the good vibes, just like any Cancer. And because this nostalgic zodiac sign is always looking to the past, Malibu Barbie remains just as fresh in our memories as she did in the early 70’s.

Courtesy of Mattel

Leo: You’re the Superstar Barbie

Like any Leo, the Superstar Barbie knows everyone’s eyes are on her. She has no problem attracting all the attention in the room with her glittering ruffle boa and her jewelry that shimmers under disco light. This doll—which was released in 1977—knows she has lots of fans. And because Leos love to be adored, this doll was accompanied by a Ken doll that was released in 1978. To compliment Barbie’s hot pink evening ensemble, Ken arrived wearing a royal blue velvet-and-satin suit. But don’t worry—he never overshadowed Superstar Barbie’s glory.

Virgo: You’re Working Woman Barbie

If anyone understands the power of hard work, it’s Virgo. And because Barbie is always ready to set a positive example for young girls, Mattel came out with the Working Woman Barbie in 1999. This doll does it all, inspiring you to make important calls, send out calendar invites, and seal lucrative deals. And with her high-tech flip phone, blazer, pencil skirt, and overflowing purse, it’s clear that Working Woman Barbie does it all in style—just like a Virgo.

Libra: You’re Dream Date Barbie

If you’re a Libra, you’re someone who loves love. Being the most romantic and relationship-oriented zodiac sign, the Barbie doll that represents your irresistible energy best is the Dream Date Barbie. Released in 1984, this doll was accompanied by Ken in a classic tuxedo, this couple could be attending a high school prom or a red carpet event. Either way, this Barbie doll captures what it means to be a Libra who loves getting dolled up for a night out on the town with their latest love interest.

Scorpio: You’re Earring Magic Barbie

You’re one of the most mystical and enchanting zodiac signs of all, which is why you and the Earring Magic Barbie are a match made in heaven. If you’re a Scorpio, you know you secretly carry charms and crystals that bring you good luck. And if you were a child when the Earring Magic series was released in 1993, I bet you knew that Barbie’s magic earrings would bring you good luck too. Plus, this doll was also accompanied by the controversial Earring Magic Ken that is still much beloved by the LGBTQ+ community to this day. What Scorpio doesn’t enjoy pushing the envelope and spicing things up?

Sagittarius: You’re Lead Singer Barbie

If any zodiac sign is going to rock their heart out and get the crowd going, it’s gonna be a Sagittarius. And when it comes to Barbie, none represents your wild, irresistible, and uninhibited energy like the 1999 Lead Singer Barbie. Clad in a colorful and funky outfit thats fit for a pop star, this Barbie gives you the confidence to put yourself out there and give it your all. You radiate “lead singer” energy in your everyday life, which makes this doll a match made in heaven for a Sagittarius.

Courtesy of Mattel

Capricorn: You’re the Original Teenage Fashion Moden Barbie

If you could only use one word to describe a Capricorn, it would be “classic”. That’s why you deserve to be represented by nothing less than the original Barbie doll. Released in 1959, this Barbie radiates beauty, grace, luxury, and power. With her retro sunglasses, vintage black and white one-piece, and the unbothered expression on her face, this doll radiates Capricorn energy through and through. After all, this zodiac sign loves being the GOAT, and what Barbie doll is more recognizable than the OG Teenage Fashion Model?

Aquarius: You’re the Entrepreneur Barbie

If there’s one thing that comes naturally to an Aquarius, it’s expanding their network, making valuable connections, and using their social prowess to make the impossible possible. Enter the Entrepreneur Barbie, who’s always ready to bring business into the future with her bright pink bodycon dress, high-volume pony tail, and her fully charged smart phone. Released in 2014, this doll captures the way Aquarius connects with their community and makes social waves without breaking a sweat.

Pisces: You’re the Dreamtopia Mermaid Barbie

Get excited, Pisces. Not only do you get to be the Dreamtopia Mermaid Barbie that every little girl has wanted for Christmas since 2016, but you get to sit with the knowledge that Barbie actually is a Pisces. Born on March 7, she radiates the same imaginative and empathetic energy that you do. And like you, Barbie understands the importance of believing in magic. Because Pisces is associated with dreams and fantasy worlds, this is the doll that has the highest potential of keeping you feeling enchanted and entertained. All you have to do is dip her color-changing tail underwater and your boredom evaporates.