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If you’ve ever removed nail polish and gasped at the dry, brittle stubs underneath, it might be time to give your nails a break. Whether it’s regular polish, gel or acrylics, your nails need to breathe and take time to recover. But it’s hard because your bare nails probably don’t look too hot and that’s probably not what you want to show to the world. That’s why we’re letting you in on Butter London’s Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment.

So many nail treatments don’t hide the damage underneath because the product is clear, but this one from Butter London provides sheer coverage with a pink-purple translucent finish. While your nails are reaping all of the skincare benefits of this tinted treatment, they’re also sporting a subtle pop of color. You can’t say no to a product that kills two birds with one stone.

The formula calls on acai, tea tree oil, arginine and vitamin E to help repair and strengthen nails. And it excludes all the bad ingredients (it’s 10-free). These ingredients provide lasting nourishment to dry, brittle nails that have succumbed to damage from constant manicures. Specifically, acai and vitamin E offer antioxidants and protection, while tea tree oil locks in moisture and arginine prevents breakage. In addition, hydrolyzed keratin and bamboo extract strengthen nails, while diamond powder brightens them. 

This treatment will restore your nails to a healthy state—and fast. According to the brand, you should see improvement after just 15 days. This product certainly seems to be well worth a try considering it only costs $18 a bottle. 

Butter London Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment

Photo: Butter London.

The strengthening formula has an overall 4.5-star rating on the brand’s site, with numerous shoppers vouching for its efficacy.

“My nails were extremely thin from gel polish and I recently purchased the jelly treatment. I didn’t think my nails could ever be this strong,” one reviewer raved. “The polish doesn’t offer much color, but it will repair and strengthen your nails. A ‘must-have’ to give your nails a break and also use as a base coat.”

“Love this product! I add a top coat & wear it as my manicure a lot! Helps strengthen tips & clears up occasional nail blemishes,” another one wrote.

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“My nails were in horrible shape prior to finding this product and I am so grateful to have given it a try after throwing money away on countless other nail polish strengtheners that seemed to make my nails worse,” another explained. “I like how you can layer on depending on the color vibrance you are wanting to achieve. It is incredibly durable, especially with my job and constant hand washing and hand sanitizer use. I even use this underneath my Color Street nail wraps sometimes and they appear to stay on longer.”

If you’re after a sheer jelly look and a formula that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that’ll worsen your nail health, this $18 Butter London option is the way to go. It’s nourishing, strengthening, moisturizing and restoring. Plus, the subtle color payoff is simple, cute, glossy and effortless.
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