Thanks to the sun transiting your fun-loving fifth house during Leo season, your Aries horoscope for August 2023 is full of joy, romance, and leisure time. But it also brings plenty of motivation for productivity, giving you a healthy balance of work and play.

Things open with a rule-breaking full moon in Aquarius, which pushes you to ditch any Debbie-Downer-esque friendships that might be keeping you from fully embracing your authenticity and one-of-a-kind magic. Your ruling planet Mars will be in a lucky trine with Jupiter in Taurus during this lunation, motivating you to pursue your most lucrative hopes, wishes, and passion projects.

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This sets the stage for the fiery new moon in Leo two weeks later, which sets your creativity ablaze and may even turn up the heat on a pending flirtation. Because this new moon pulls Venus retrograde into the mix, you may find that you suddenly have the words and the willpower to turn a corner on some of the romantic struggles that may have bubbled up in your sex or dating life recently. Let the drama unfold! 

Your ruling planet Mars is vibing out with some major planetary players now, too, spending the post-new-moon week in a loose but gorgeous grand earth trine with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a wonderful time to make power-moves toward work or financial goals, or take action on some divinely inspired ideas.

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Take advantage of the cosmic alignment before August 23, which is when Mercury starts retrograding again. Thanks to this pesky backspin, implementing new routines or sticking to a solid schedule could be difficult throughout the remainder of the month, so it may be better to focus on chipping away at your already-existing to-do list. Virgo season starts on the same day as Mercury retrograde, which finds the sun alongside both Mercury and Mars in your work and wellness sector. Use this energy to get your affairs in order to help avoid getting tangled in messy retrograde snags.

During the final days of August, your cosmic ruler Mars hits your house of partnerships, which could energize you to make some clarifying decisions about your relationships. However, with both Mercury and Venus retrograde, it’ll behoove you to not commit to anything too binding just yet. Take some introspective time to yourself to reflect under the full blue moon on August 30. It’s been a long month, and some spiritual downtime will do you good.