The sun is in fellow fire sign Leo for most of the month, so your Sagittarius horoscope for August 2023 is set to expand your horizons and give your adventure-loving spirit lots of room to soar.

The action begins immediately with a free-thinking full moon in your communication sector on August 1, sparking thought-provoking conversations and tidbits of unconventional wisdom. Alongside this lunation, your cosmic ruler Jupiter is in a lucky trine with motivating Mars, giving you plenty of productive energy and stamina to act on the inspiring ideas that are flowing your way.

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Two weeks later, the fiery new moon in Leo pushes you to broaden your horizons and continue exploring alternative ways of thinking. You’re naturally wise and worldly, but this lunar moment gives you a helpful perspective check, reminding you that there are always new ways to see things—and that some of the values or beliefs of your past may even be worth revisiting with fresh eyes.

Once Virgo season begins on August 23, your career takes center stage, as the sun lights up your public-facing tenth house. This is a great time to breathe some energy into your personal ambitions and professional goals—but because Mercury retrograde starts on the very same day, starting any brand-new endeavors might be slow-going. Instead, focus on getting existing projects in tip-top shape and organizing your future plans. That way, when the retrograde ends in a few weeks, you’ll know exactly what your next moves are.

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The month wraps up with a sensitive full moon in your domestic fourth house, encouraging you to check in on your heart and perhaps even give yourself a little tough love. Your professional life is booked and busy, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your feelings, living space, or close relationships! Spend some time checking in on your emotional boundaries and getting your personal affairs in order so you can shine your light into the outside world free of baggage or inhibitions.