Your Aquarius horoscope for August 2023 starts off with a bang, so get ready for the dust to settle after the alarms go off.

The month’s opening act is a powerful full moon in your sign, making this a glorious time to free yourself from other people’s expectations and embrace your wonderful weirdness in all its glory. Let your goals and your presence take up more space than ever before. No more making yourself small for other people’s comfort.

Throughout the middle of the month, the confident sun and romantic planet Venus—both of which are making their way through your relationship sector—will be squaring off with your modern ruler Uranus, shifting your values in love and potentially prompting some changes of heart. Stay open to fresh desires emerging or new perspectives shining through on old situations. The new moon on August 16 can help you work through some of the feelings and revelations that have been bubbling up throughout the week prior.

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On August 23, the sun leaves Leo and enters detail-oriented Virgo—and for you, this is a time to pay closer attention to all the subtle subconscious energies that are swirling together to shape your current psyche. Mercury retrograde starts the same day, so you may be revisiting some unkept promises or dealing with energetic baggage that’s been weighing on your spirit. Focus on paying off old debts, acknowledging brewing resentments, and strengthening boundaries that you may have gotten soft on.

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While Virgo season can be introspective for you, the month wraps up with some action, as your cosmic ruler—wild child Uranus—begins its annual retrograde on August 28. This will help you process some of the personal changes you’ve dealt with over the past few months, finding ways to work with the twists and turns that have come your way. Two days later, August’s second full moon comes through to help you tap into discipline around your finances and values in general. The moon will be joining forces with your traditional ruler Saturn, pushing you to stand up for yourself when it comes to money and know your worth.