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Along with everyone else on TikTok, I’m obsessed with the infamous sunscreen brand, Supergoop! which offers SPF products that don’t feel like traditional sunscreens. Dermatologists recommend putting sunscreen on 365 days a year and in full transparency, I’ve always found it a difficult rule to follow because of how heavy and sticky most sunscreens feel on my face after a long day, especially when wearing it under makeup. But then I tried Supergoop!’s Glowscreen Sunscreen and a new relationship with SPF blossomed–I now look forward to wearing it every day. 

You’ll pay a heftier price for Supergoop!’s lightweight, barely-there sunscreen since a 1.7 oz bottle goes for $38–let’s face it, if we can save a few bucks on our favorite products, we’re game. So when I saw E.l.f.’s Whoa Glow sun protection and makeup primer going viral on TikTok for being a Supergoop! dupe, I knew I had to pick it up and see for myself.

e.l.f Whoa Glow


e.l.f. Skin Whoa Glow

At first glance, the packaging screams Supergoop! with its white tube and yellow cap. The Whoa Glow I tried offered SPF 30 in the shade Sunbeam packed into 1.69 fl oz, and once it was open, was very easy to use and apply to my face. Coming out of the tube, the Whoa Glow looked like a lightweight foundation since it almost color-matched my skin, and as I applied it evenly to my face, it smoothed out and soaked in like a CC cream. I didn’t notice a ton of color difference after the application, since the Whoa Glow is meant to be more of a primer for foundation, but it seemed to add just enough radiance for the glowy look I was hoping for. 

E.l.f. packed this sunscreen primer with aloe, hyaluronic acid and squalane, which are all meant to help soothe and hydrate skin while wearing. And after wearing it all day (and reapplying every two hours), I can confirm I didn’t burn while outside in the Florida sun. My skin felt soft and hydrated by the time I started my evening skincare routine. 

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While the E.l.f. Whoa Glow is a great product, there’s no denying that the Supergoop! Glowscreen performs a bit better overall. If smell is a dealbreaker for you, E.l.f.’s Whoa Glow smells exactly like a traditional sunscreen whereas Supergoop!’s fragrance resembles that of luxe skincare. The Whoa Glow overall also performed more like a CC cream versus a primer with SPF packed inside, so it felt a bit heavier than the Supergoop! product I’ve come to love and recommend. 

It’s important to note that the Glowscreen by Supergoop! is also 10 SPF higher than the Whoa Glow, so if you’re someone who wants or needs extra protection from the sun, be sure to keep that in mind. Neither leave a sticky white residue though, so both are winners in my book for a “barely-there” sunscreen packed with a glow.

If you’re looking for your new go-to sunscreen as the weather heats up, the E.l.f. Whoa Glow may be the best option for saving a few bucks. But, if you’re open to splurging for a more lightweight, higher SPF sunscreen, be sure to check out Supergoop!’s Glowscreen. You really can’t go wrong either way!

E.l.f. Whoa Glow is available at Ulta (where you can currently Buy One Get One 40 percent off) and Amazon
for $14.

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