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I’m literally still reeling from a gel manicure that I got six months ago. My nails have been peeling, easily-breakable and overall in bad shape, and I’m starting to think I don’t have to just live with it. Yes I’ve stopped getting my gel manis but I think it’s time to add something else to the mix to nip this issue in the bud.

I should have known there were products out there targeted to this specific issue and the butter LONDON Mellow the Yellow treatment does just that. You put it on just like you would a regular nail polish, and over time, it actually works to fill in the ridges of your nails, remove yellow discoloration and make nails stronger over time.

Shoppers say this treatment is so good, it’s “perfect for your nails.” They said it was also perfect if you’re a fan of self tanner, saying, “the anti-yellow will work great if you use self tanners like I do.”

mellow yellow

Courtesy of butter LONDON.

butter LONDON Mellow the Yellow Treatment

The treatment works thanks to the key ingredient of lemon fruit extract. It gets to work to brighten the nail right away and naturally remove the yellow discoloration. The inclusion of vitamin E helps protect the nail against future damage by offering antioxidant protection. Lemon and lime tree extract help nourish and protect the nail, while red algae works as a natural exfoliant to get rid of that flakage.

Another shopper said, this treatment is a “good product for someone who likes to have natural nails” since it “leaves a clean and classy look on the nails.”

It’s also great to use when you take a break from acrylic nails. “It definitely treated my nail discoloration and prepare it for my next nail acrylic session,” said another shopper.

Pick up the butter LONDON Mellow the Yellow Treatment now and stock up on a few other targeted treatments—like this cuticle exfoliatorwhile you’re at it since you can score free shipping on any order over $55.

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