The sun is in fellow earth sign Virgo for most of the month, so your Capricorn horoscope for September 2023 wants to push you to get a little more comfortable going out of your comfort zone. Summer may be coming to a close, but your horizons are ready to expand!

As we enter the month, Mercury is retrograding in your ninth house of growth and knowledge, which might be making it hard to think clearly about your big-picture goals or find your North Star. While your worldly plans and connections may feel like they’re going haywire, that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of room to spread your wings and fly. After all, this retrograde could also take you to some beautiful and unexpected places.

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Both the sun and Mercury will be forming lucky trines to abundant planet Jupiter in your fifth house of passion, so use the first week of the month to revisit exciting ideas, romantic conquests, or creative projects that may have gotten lost in the shuffle before. You may find a renewed sense of inspiration and energy when it comes to breathing life back into something left behind.

By mid-month, you’ll really be able to capitalize on the high-minded energy that’s been brewing beneath the surface—as Mercury retrograde comes to an end on September 15, and the new moon in Virgo the day prior brings a beautiful opportunity to manifest. Use this period to set intentions that feel aligned to your worldlier goals. Whether you’re seeking some philosophical growth, spiritual expansion, or a total paradigm shift, this new moon energy is the perfect time to listen to your intuition and use your feelings to make a plan.

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The autumn equinox hits on September 23, at which point the sun will be shining its light straight into your career sector. Because go-getter planet Mars is also gracing this part of your chart all month, the last stretch of September is an incredible time to take initiative toward your professional goals and really step into your power at work. A gorgeous grand earth trine between mental Mercury, abundant Jupiter, and the moon in your sign only adds to the magic, boosting your confidence, creativity, and wide-eyed sense of wonder. Under these cosmic conditions, you can accomplish just about anything.

Things wrap up with a feisty full moon in Aries on September 29, which asks you to temporarily slow your roll at work to make sure you’re taking care of matters in your private life. If your home is a mess or your domestic situation is difficult, it can be hard to really shine your light in the public sphere the way you’re meant to. Take care of business and focus on creating a solid foundation upon which you can build your castle.