With Virgo season activating your value-oriented second house, this month is all about embracing physical pleasure and making material magic. You may need to watch your finances thanks to Mercury retrograde drama, but your Leo horoscope for September 2023 still feels luscious and luxurious nonetheless—the perfect way to wrap up the summer.

Your birthday season may be over now, but things are looking up, dear lion! Venus has been retrograding through your sign for six long weeks, but it’s finally coming to end on September 3. This has been a major journey when it comes to reassessing your personal values and reevaluating the way you show up in the world, so it’s time to come out of your shell with more confidence than ever before. Let your beauty and self-esteem shine, and stand tall when you defend what’s important to you.

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Speaking of value, the new moon in Virgo on September 14 is the perfect excuse to get in touch with your inner material girl and do some major money manifestations. It’s time to level up, and this lunation can bring you the inspiration necessary to make sensible moves. Mercury retrograde wraps up on September 15, so it’s a good time to ask for a raise, create a new budget for yourself, or otherwise put your money-related plans into motion.

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Summer officially wraps up on September 23, at which point the sun will enter sweet and social Libra and light up your chatty third house. With mental planet Mercury moving direct and the sun joining motivating Mars in your communication sector, prepare for lots of social time and a booked calendar. Who says you have to slow down just because summer’s over? Start planning your pumpkin patch photo shoots and doing some sweater shopping pronto.

Finally, the month wraps up with a gorgeous full moon in fellow fire sign Leo, which lights up your taste for adventure. This lunation reminds you not to get so wrapped up in the details of your daily life that you overlook your big-picture goals or opportunities. Get out of town or connect with an interesting mentor to help switch up your perspective.