Social snags and messy group dynamics might be cramping your style and draining your energy during the first half of the month, dear scorpion—and yes, Mercury retrograde is definitely to blame. But thankfully, your Scorpio horoscope for September 2023 promises some chill time, too. 

This month, both Virgo season and Mercury retrograde are activating your friendship sector throughout the first half of the month, which brings lots of vitality and energy into your community connections, but can also make collaborating a little extra challenging. Gossip and misunderstandings may be running rampant amongst your crew or colleagues, so focus on the facts and try to keep your head above water while navigating group dynamics.

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You may find that some exciting career opportunities offer a welcome distraction from the drama, as Venus retrograde wraps up in your ambitious tenth house on September 3. This direct planetary motion should make you feel much more confident in your authority and in tune with your professional goals and values than you have over the past six weeks.

By mid-month, friendship drama should start dissipating and working with others should run a lot more smoothly—and you may also find yourself gaining more clarity around the type of people you really want in your corner. The new moon in Virgo on September 14 is great time to tap into your hopes and wishes for the collective and envision the type of community who could help elevate you closer to these dreams. Is your current crew capable of helping you change the world in the way you want to?

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Once Mercury retrograde wraps up on September 15, you can really start putting some of your new moon visions into practice and taking steps toward curating a supportive squad. A week later, a magical trine between the sun and Pluto—your modern planetary ruler—can prompt deep conversations and revelations on this very subject. Put down your stinger and stay open.

The autumn equinox hits on September 23, which finds the sun in your sleepy twelfth house alongside your traditional planetary ruler, Mars. After expending lots of energy on social interactions, friendship drama, and work momentum during the past few weeks, this final stretch of September is a good time to prioritize rest. Avoiding burnout is a must—especially with your birthday season coming up next month—and your stamina isn’t at its usual level. The full moon in Aries on September 29 is a good time to adjust your work/life balance and unburden yourself from any unnecessary obligations so that you have more time to recharge.