Your Pisces horoscopes for September 2023 is enough to keep you interested from start to finish. After all, it’s full of love, drama, and lots of deep feels. Thankfully, getting emotionally deep is no problem for a cosmic fish like you, so be ready to dive on in.

Ready for deeper and more unusual connections? Virgo season is highlighting your seventh house of partnerships until September 15, putting an emphasis on relationship dynamics and interpersonal commitments. Because Mercury retrograde is raging through your relationship sector until September 15, you’ll want to be extra conscious about navigating disagreements with your lovers, as old arguments could come bubbling up through the cracks again. Be thoughtful about your words and avoid taking things too personally. Instead, use this time to wrap up past issues and find closure around any lingering situationships.

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On September 14, the new moon in Virgo will blow some fresh air into whatever relationship drama you’ve been dealing with during the past few weeks. Now’s the time to turn over a new leaf with a partner or take an important step with someone new. Your cosmic ruler Neptune is heavily influencing this lunation from across the zodiac in your sign, though, so be wary of getting carried away with illusive feelings or far-fetched fantasies. Keep your feet on the ground as you take these next steps! Mercury retrograde ends the very next day, so interpersonal communication will be easier now, too.

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Once the autumn equinox hits on September 23, the sun delves into your mysterious eighth house of sex and secrets. Time to clean some skeletons out of your closet! You might find yourself exploring some more of the beneath-the-surface layers of your relationships, and perhaps even setting some stronger energetic boundaries to protect your peace. The month wraps up with a powerful full moon in Aries lighting up your finance sector, so give yourself permission to splurge on something luxurious that’ll make you feel great. With all these heavy feelings swirling around as we put a bow on September, you deserve a little treat.