Here’s the sitch: You’re tired of spending so much money and time on lash extension appointments, but strip lashes are a pain to apply and don’t usually stay on all day. It might seem like there’s nothing that could possibly fix these problems, but shoppers have found a multitasking product that’ll have you canceling your lash appointments in no time. 

The Falscara Bond & Seal from KISS is one heck of a lifesaver when it comes to achieving salon-grade lash extensions within the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price. The multifunctional product features a biotin-infused adhesive on one side and a vitamin E-packed formula that locks your KISS Wisps lash extensions
in place. This magical, dual-sided tube is on sale for under $10 at Amazon, so don’t wait a moment longer to grab it at a discount. 

One five-star shopper raved, “I don’t get lash extensions any more thanks to this. I just stock up on clusters and it’s so easy to [use] and to remove; I just use blue cap micellar water. They last me up to 2-3 days at a time too. Love these, never going back.”

That’s as glowing as reviews get if you ask us! Plus, it holds the top spot in Amazon’s current list of best-selling false eyelash adhesives. Nab this adhesive-primer crossover while it’s still under $10 at Amazon.

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KISS Falscara Bond & Seal Amazon

Photo: KISS.

Here’s how the adhesive primer works: First, swipe the Bond formula onto your lashes, as you would any mascara. Next, place the brand’s Wisps lash extensions under (not over!) your natural eyelashes. Finish it off with a coat of the Seal formula and it’ll look like you just came straight from the salon.

The Wisps give you a comfortable, natural lash extension look for way less, and they are reusable for up to three times. Shoppers generally say their lashes stay on for anywhere from two to five days thanks to the Bond and Seal system. 

KISS Falscara Wisps Amazon

Photo: KISS.

“If you don’t want to ruin and rip out your lashes with extensions, this is your go-to. If you are terrible at applying strip lashes or individuals and waiting for the glue to dry and it always lifting up, this is your go-to. This was the EASIEST thing ever,” wrote one shopper. “Did both lashes in under 10 minutes my first time. As long as you aren’t an eye rubber, these should last you well over 3-5 days. They don’t pull any lashes out upon removal, and the whole process is easy! I never did my lashes because I hated the time and effort it took. But this is the best thing ever.”

“I’ve tried false lashes in the past and I could never get it to work so I was spending money to get lash lifts and extensions once a month. I decided to give these a try and I’m beyond impressed. It’s so easy and they look great,” another one wrote. “Order this if you’re sick of paying to get your lashes done!”

For an at-home lash extension look, stock up on KISS’ Falscara Bond & Seal. You won’t find salon-level lashes for $10 anywhere else.

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