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As a former swimmer, I’ve invested in all the hair removal tools for my bikini area. Non-irritating shave cream, high-quality razors, wax strips, exfoliants and as of recently, Brazilian waxes. After bouts of razor bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving last summer, it felt like nothing could alleviate my sensitive skin. Last August, I decided to give consistent Brazilian waxes a try, hoping the process would lead to less irritation and grooming on my end. But the often painful and expensive appointments got old. I pay $70 per month for my wax, and frankly, I’d rather put that toward something more relaxing like getting my nails done.  

As most shavers can relate, regular razors can lead to extreme irritation down under, which, to put it plainly, is the most frustrating thing in the world when all you want to do is flaunt your best swimsuit. So, when I came across this TikTok video from Ave Marin (aka @greenybeany420), I knew I had found the answers to my bikini shaving woes. With summer right around the corner, I was determined to find a solution to my expensive wax appointments.

Ave reveals her favorite bikini shaving product, the Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer, and explains how, just like me, she used to dread swimsuit season because of razor bumps from shaving. Her claims that the Panasonic trimmer leads to zero bumps and irritation were incredibly convincing that I added it to my Amazon cart immediately to put the razor to the test myself.

Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer


Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer

The day my Panasonic trimmer arrived (I went with the three-blade trimmer in shade mint), I hopped in the shower to prep my skin. To say I was nervous at this point is an understatement. What if the razor bumps are inevitable and I just have to live with them forever? What if expensive waxes are the only option forever? The anxiety was real.  

Part of the trimmer can extend out to make it easy to cut the actual hair. When the trimmer isn’t extended, it “buffs” out the leftover hairs to leave skin smooth as a baby’s booty. To avoid irritation, I dry shaved (scary, I know) with the extended trimmer all over, then lowered it to its normal, resting position to finish my shaving off with the “buffing” part of the trimmer. After not removing my own hair for seven months, it took a little maneuvering to get used to the trimmer. My hair was about mid-length, so it only took 15 minutes to remove everything and rinse. Which brings me to the finishing touches: I rinsed off the area, cleansed it with ingrown hair solution and moisturized with jojoba oil. I kept a close eye on the area to see how it reacted immediately after shaving and the days after.  

Panasonic Electric Trimmer

As shocked as I am to admit, I’ve experienced zero irritation from the trimmer and actual shaving process in my one month of testing. I’ve been using this trimmer for one month and can happily confirm it’s the hair removal tool I didn’t know I needed. While it can’t remove the entire hair follicle just like waxing does, it leaves my bikini area smooth and irritation-free. I’m super dedicated to having a pristinely smooth bikini area, so I also go in with tweezers a few times per week. The beauty of the trimmer, however, is you can easily maintain your bikini area whether you like to shave everyday or once a week. And it works wet or dry! 

My waxing specialist taught me that it’s extremely important to exfoliate the area every other day (exfoliating gloves work beautifully) and moisturize with an oil (like rosehip or jojoba). Shaving with the Panasonic Wet/Dry Trimmer
and consistently exfoliating and moisturizing after every shower has created the perfect self-grooming ritual that I’m excited to continue as summer rolls around. I trim my hair two times per week, but I imagine it will be closer to every other day in the summer. As for the razor itself, it comes with a compact charging dock (no clunky cords, yay!), traveling case, and cleaning brush. 

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Don’t just take my word for it. Over 1,500 happy Amazon shoppers are also thrilled to discover the secret to affordable hair removal that doesn’t lead to irritation. “I always get bumps and irritated skin after shaving the traditional way no matter what I try,” writes a five-star Amazon reviewer. “This thing is amazing! Easy to use, gets a smooth shave if you go over a spot several times. Absolutely no irritation after and I have smooth skin for like the first time ever. And I got these results from dry shaving.” 

Another five-star reviewer adds, “When I tell you this product went above and beyond my expectations, it surpassed every possible doubt in my mind. Easy to use, easy to hold, and 110% made for sensitive skin. I was able to get a close shave without any nicks or razor cuts and on top of it no strawberry skin. Any woman looking to get hairless skin without suffering the aftermath, look no further than this product!”  

My sensitive skin is thrilled to have a routine that doesn’t lead to irritation–and my wallet is happy, too. If you’re ready to banish razor bumps for good, find your own Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer
Amazon for $30. Swimsuit season, here I come! 

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