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The members of BTS are known for their flawless skin, which has fans constantly wondering what the heck they use to get complexions that can only be compared to perfect, smooth, unblemished objects—like glass, mochi, milk and porcelain. Of course, the group has the occasional beauty brand partnership it promotes, but what about the products the members actually use in their everyday lives?

Thanks to Jimin’s video with Vogue, us ARMYs no longer have to wonder. “There’s one thing I always take with me when I travel,” he says in the video. He reaches for Mediheal’s Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask and adds, “Seriously. This is not a commercial. Not a paid commercial. My money, my purchase. I can often get dry in the hotel. So I always bring face masks.”

Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask (Pack of 10) Amazon

Photo: Mediheal.

BTS has collaborated with Mediheal in the past, so it’s not surprising that the face mask of his choice comes from the K-beauty brand. But let’s get to the bottom of why Jimin loves this sheet mask in particular and how it helps calm and hydrate his skin when he travels around the globe.

Tea tree oil controls oil production, chamomile relieves stressed skin and centella asiatica strengthens tired skin, according to the brand. Jet-setting can certainly aggravate your skin. It usually manifests itself in dehydration (dry skin) and sometimes even irritated skin (perhaps it’s redness or blemishes). Knowing how these ingredients can benefit your complexion, it makes total sense why Jimin always has this face mask on hand when he’s hopping from one city to the next.

Lucky for you (and me), the Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask comes in a pack of 10 for $26 on Amazon. The set just so happens to be on sale right now for just under $20. That means each mask costs only $2. You can save even more by selecting the Subscribe & Save option on the product page. Doing so enables regular deliveries to ensure you never run out of this skin savior.

You heard our Baby Mochi! Add this pack of 10 Mediheal face masks to your cart so that your skin stays moisturized and soothed wherever you go. ARMYs are quick to sell out BTS-approved products, which means you should jump on this discount, stat (I know I am). 

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The three key ingredients join forces to “improve the restorative process of your skin to control acne breakouts, red spots, and redness on the skin,” per the brand. “This face sheet mask contains several rich ingredients that create a moisture barrier over the skin to prevent moisture loss. This moisturizing layer strengthens the skin and prevents dryness while soothing redness and irritation on sensitive skin.”

On top of that, the product smooths texture and reduces the appearance of pores. It also balances sebum production, so that you have a healthy glow rather than a shiny layer of excess oil.

To get skin like Chim Chim’s, apply the step-1 mask
and keep it there for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s made from a self-adhesive soft bamboo cellulose material so that it sits comfortably on your face. Next, remove the mask and lightly tap the leftover essence into your skin. And finally, apply the step-2 ampoule all over your face in an even layer. That’s it! 

Go, go (*wink, wink*) and get this Mediheal face mask set while it’s still on sale for under $20 at Amazon. $2 a sheet mask is such a steal!
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