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I’m going to bet that you didn’t know quinoa brings an excellent source of nutrients to the skin; the grain is full of healthy omega fatty acids and vitamins that improve concerns like skin texture, firmness and overall tone when applied topically. Luckily, one skincare brand has tapped into its benefits full force, offering an entire line of products dedicated to the “golden grain.” 

While NativaSpa’s hero seller is the Quinoa Firming Body Lotion, its runner up, the Quinoa Firming Body Oil, is not to be overlooked. It brings many of the same positives as its partner-in-crime, but in a super smooth, non-greasy oil formula. Plus, it’s currently on sale for under $19.

Quinoa Firming Body Oil


NativaSpa Quinoa Firming Body Oil

Per the brand’s research, quinoa is a healthy source of plant protein, meaning its nutrition profile is unique and robust—you stand to benefit from more than just implementing it into your diet. NativaSpa used a patented extraction process to pull the best qualities from the grain and transform it into a 100 percent pure quinoa oil, which is twice as nutrient-rich as argan oil and almond oil. 

The potent oil is extremely comforting to the skin; it brightens areas of dullness, adds a hydrating layer of protection and even minimizes the appearance of stretch marks, But, perhaps best of all, it claims to improve skin firmness within a month of use. According to reviewers, it also leaves a lingering scent that “everyone will ask about.” It’s described as “warm, floral, with the perfect amount of sweetness, followed by notes of peony and a touch of comforting vanilla,” by the brand itself.

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Speaking of reviewers, one customer had plenty of things to say about the body oil, including that it feels “luxurious” on the skin. “It isn’t a heavy oil, feels light and soaks in fairly quickly, especially compared to other oils that rest on top of your skin and feel slimy/greasy. I’ve actually used it on my face a few times and noticed an improvement in my skin’s texture and acne scars,” they wrote.

“This oil is heavenly,” shared a second shopper. “Don’t know about the skin tightening yet, because I haven’t used it long enough. However, I use it when I am done showering and it leaves my skin feeling like silk.”

Winter may be on its way out the door, but that doesn’t mean body care isn’t a year-round effort. Scoop this lightweight oil that will make your skin glowing and smooth for less than $19.

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