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When it comes to your skincare routine, you probably have your favorite moisturizers and serums, but what about devices that provide faster results? That could range from an at-home light therapy laser all the way to an extraction device that removes dirt, grime and gunk from deep within your pores. Luckily, the latter can be bought at a discount; Dermaflash just put a 50 percent markdown on its popular DERMAPORE pore extractor and serum infuser for the next two days.

Between March 29 and March 30, Dermaflash’s coveted Dermapore, which usually retails for $99, is now available for less than $50.



The DERMAPORE device sends ultrasonic waves across the skin to clear up congestion and quite literally suck out unwanted remnants across the skin’s surface. With two settings you can toggle between, extract and infuse, the custom-curved metal spatula seamlessly glides over the skin to extract pores or infuse and penetrate serums and other skincare products deeper into the skin than just applying with your fingertips. As a result of this 2-in-1 device, you’ll notice smaller pores and skin that looks clearer and healthier, even after one use.

If you’re not used to skincare devices, this may sound intense, but the entire process is actually super gentle. Unlike pore strips and comedone extractors which may cause some minor irritation to sensitive complexions, this device was designed to provide effective results with zero pain. It’s also dermatologist-recommended, clinically proven and effective for all skin types including dry, sensitive, normal and combination. For the best results, you’ll want to make sure you use the device on wet skin and clean between each use. 

The Dermapore is available in three colors: icy pink, icy green and charcoal. It also comes with a protective cap, a device stand and a USB charging cord.

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Still not convinced? The pore-sucking device has garnered 4.4 out of 5 stars and shoppers have nothing but rave reviews, saying it’s “so satisfying” and “easier to use” than they expected. 

One shopper said, “This made a notable difference in clearing my skin in just one use. So far I have only used the extraction tool. Please know that the angle you hold it, the direction you move in your skin, and the speed (go slow) can make the difference between doing nothing vs removing a lot of dirt.”

Another five-star shopper said, “Next day, pores were almost non-existent! I thought my wrinkles, pores, and sagging were from age, but Dermapore has convinced me otherwise. A little over a week in and I look years younger with an easy to use, affordable, at-home device.” 

There’s no better time to add this pain-free extraction device into your regimen while it’s 50 percent off for a limited time.

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