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Ever wish you could just hit the “delete” button on your skin issues? Even if I have nowhere important to be that day, an unexpected zit is the easiest way to put me in a bad mood. Zit stickers have been around for a few years now, but the technology behind them has only improved as competition heats up in the market. And the Zit Delete Healing Dots from Athena Club are seriously next-level when it comes to the way they deliver zit-zapping ingredients in a tiny dot that you stick on your face.

These new stickers are so much more than, well, stickers. First of all, they’re equipped with micro dart technology that allows pimple-fighting ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. Think of the sticker as a mini microneedling dot for your face. The “darts” very gently break the skin, which allows the concentrated formula to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface, therefore allowing it to get to work that much faster. And no, you won’t feel these dots piercing your skin—that’s how small they are. In fact, they even disintegrate over time as you wear them.


Courtesy of Athena Club.

Zit Delete Healing Dots

These stickers are perfect for newly formed zits you just noticed, deep-set blemishes that just won’t go away and even cystic acne spots that are quite literally haunting your life.

So what are those supercharged ingredients in the stickers? They’re loaded with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid to dismantle acne in as fast as six hours. You’ll get the best results if you wear them overnight, but you can also wear them to the grocery store, to work, to dinner or anywhere else you’re headed. Since the stickers are made from a breathable hydrocolloid adhesive, bacteria can’t enter to worsen your pimple while moisture is locked in to speed up the healing process.

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zit delete

Courtesy of Athena Club.

The reviews on these acne dots are seriously off the charts. One customer wrote, “I had a really ugly zit that I kept picking at so I threw on the Athena Club Zit Delete Healing Dot and it disappeared.” They said it was literally gone overnight.

Another shopper says they couldn’t believe how it tackled even larger, bumpy zits. “I had a large pimple forming under the skin on my face,” they wrote. “I used a Zit Delete Healing Dot overnight & the next morning it was completely flat as if it was never there! I was able to cover any sign of redness with concealer. I’ll definitely be using these in the future to stop pimples in their tracks.”

These zit stickers can be used on all skin types—even those dealing with sensitive skin. Any sort of inflammation, redness or irritation will also be stopped in its tracks thanks to these dots. “Definitely helped reduce the appearance of pimples,” wrote a reviewer. “[It] helped with the redness of the pimple and helped it [heal].”

This is your chance to put an end to pesky pimples that are hard not to pick at or take forever to heal. Stock up on Athena Club’s new zit stickers and watch your blemishes disappear.

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