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IDK about you, but I plan on looking like J.Lo when I’m 50. It seems as the years go by, people are just aging backward, and it’s definitely thanks to the rise and popularity of skincare products. I mean, just take one review from this Crepe Erase facial treatment. The shopper wrote, “no one believes I am 77 years old, thanks to [the] Restorative Facial Treatment.” Another said, “Have been using regularly and even my kids have noticed my skin looks healthier and brighter.”

Okay with reviews like that, I must do some investigating. This serum is made with Crepe Erase’s signature TruFirm Complex, which helps support the skin’s natural collagen production. It also helps with elastin production, so the skin looks hydrated and more snatched than ever. Thanks to olive oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. The skin naturally gets hydrated with non-synthetic ingredients. Plus, olive oil acts as a natural antioxidant which can help protect the skin from environmental stressors such as pollution or the sun (but you still need to use an SPF!). The addition of vitamin E helps protect the skin from the environment as well.

Crepe Erase Restorative Facial Treatment

Courtesy of Crepe Erase.

Crepe Erase Restorative Facial Treatment

You can use this facial treatment all over your face and neck, so (pssst! it’s a secret) you don’t actually have to buy a separate neck cream if you don’t want to. Most serums and creams you’re using on your face can just be extended to the neck region anyway. Just make sure that when you’re applying a cream or serum to the neck area, you’re working it up the neck and never pulling down.

The serum is sort of in-between a gel and a cream formula. But it’s perfect to layer under makeup for a boost of hydration before you apply it. And since it’s lightweight, it won’t feel greasy or weigh you down in the summer. You can get a 1.7-fluid-ounce bottle for just $44, and if you subscribe, you’ll save 15 percent on the total price. That means you’ll get a bottle shipped to you automatically every three months for just $37.40 per bottle. That’s like paying just $12.46 a month for regenerative skincare that really works.

Another shopper said they don’t typically post reviews, but felt they had to after using this product. “I don’t usually post a review for something I have used but this facial cream has made such a difference in the texture of my skin,” they wrote. “I have large pores on my nose and chin and with the combination of your facial scrub and this cream, I have seen a difference in the appearance of these pores. This cream has also made a significant difference in the softness of my skin.” She added that the results were so good, even her husband noticed.

Pick up this serum for a one-time price or subscribe now so you can make great skincare a part of your everyday routine.

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